The Goblin Beat, Now on Youtube…Sortof

In our goblin overlords’ never ending quest for media domination they have now created a Youtube channel for us to use in entertaining you.  We are going to start live-broadcasting our playing sessions via Google Hangouts and the videos will then be available afterwards (sometimes with some amount of editing) to watch whenever you like.  We’ll also be pulling the audio out and using it for our podcasts so you’ll still be able to listen via your favorite podcast app.

The big news is that you can actually tune in while we are playing, ask us questions, give comments or just plain old heckle us.  We already follow a fairly regular recording schedule of Tuesdays at 8PM Eastern time so we will use that for our live broadcasts as well.  Our first video, which consists of us attempting to decide on what characters to play in our upcoming D&D Next adventure before my laptop dies, is up now and there will be many more to come.  Let us know what you think and visit our channel at and watch our antics as well as listen to them.



Youtube show, TableTop, starring Wil Wheaton review



The new Youtube channel, Geek & Sundry sports a show called TableTop.  In this show Wil Wheaton invites friends and celebrities to play board games with him on camera.  Needless to say if you’ve ever played board games you can guess that much hilarity ensues as the games progress.

There are the short interview style clips of each player by themselves chiming in on how they are doing so far and what sorts of strategies they are playing as the camera changes between overhead and side angles of the entire table.  It will even skip ahead in a fast forward style with the words “In the interest of time” if there’s ever a dull period in the game (which is rare).

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