If Only WOTC Would… Make a D&D Game for Google Glass

You may have heard about the heads up display from Google which they just call Glass.  If not, you can learn all about it here: http://www.google.com/glass/start/

Several ideas for gaming jumped right inside my head the first moment I saw them sitting on someone’s head.  One neat idea for D&D would be a better way to send secret messages between the players or even from the DM to the players or player to DM.  Imagine sitting around the table and a message pops up in your field of view.  This way you can read the message without anyone else even knowing you got a message in the first place.  The old way of writing a note on paper, or whispering in their ear gives away to the other players a message of some kind has been shared.  With Google Glass you could make the whole thing a big surprise!  Of course you’ll still need to get out your phone and TYPE the message but no one will know who it went to.  Another great idea would be for a DM to have things like initiative order, current player’s stats or HP etc. and other information in the field of view all while never taking their eyes off of the map or board.  Maybe even put the story or dialog for the current part of the campaign in the DM’s eye so they can read it while looking at the players instead of looking down at a book or paper to read.  This would make the storytelling part of the game more focused and intense and help get the players into the game.  There are a lot of different aspects of the game that could be shown to the players in their Glass while playing such as current HP, who’s turn it is, and maybe even some sound effects in everyone’s ear when something happens that could be controlled by the DM’s smartphone/tablet.  I could easily come up with hundreds of ideas if you’d give me just a few hours but I’ll leave SOME of the work to WOTC!

Comment below with any idea you might have for using a heads up display in D&D.

Final 2012 DnD Next Playtest Packet Today

Wizards is releasing the last D&D Next playtest packet of 2012 today as a ‘holiday gift’ (very politically correct) to all of us out here awaiting the newest iteration of the venerable RPG.  In the announcement post in Legends & Lore Mike Mearls also does a lot of talking about prestige classes in DnD Next and how they will work.  Keep your eyes peeled for the email announcing the release of the new playtest materials and if you haven’t signed up go ahead and do so now.

You can also read all about the development team’s ideas on prestige classes in the source link below.  Enjoy!

Source: wizards.com

The Fey in DnD Next

In this week’s Wandering Monsters James Wyatt talks about the Fair Folk and how they may be portrayed in D&D Next.  Overall the tone of the article looks great to me and I’m happy with the descriptions of Fey creatures that he includes within the article.  The only problem I have is the apparent backpedaling from the Feywild as a core part of the D&D cosmology.  In 4e the Feywild and Shadowfell became the light and dark twins to the natural world and formed the core base from which Fey and Shadow/Undead creatures originate.  From what James says in his article they are planning to back up to a more 3e view of the Feywild for D&D Next where it is an optional part of the overall cosmology and not so ingrained into the core of the game.

While I understand that viewpoint, as a DM that is about to move his campaign into the Feywild I have and will continue to invest a lot of time and world building into the portions of the Feywild where my PCs venture.  If/when we decide to move forward into D&D Next I would like the process to go as smoothly as possible and it sadly looks as if the support for the Feywild as we know it is being pulled back by a large degree.  Of course that will probably not be the worst of my problems if I decide to move the campaign into the next edition of D&D.  Players are never happy when you move existing characters into new editions.

Check out this week’s Wandering Monsters and let us know what you think.

A Brief History of D&D Goblins

This morning the HGIC (Head Goblin In Charge) gave me the stink-eye as I slunk into my work area under one of the tables in The Goblin Beat conference room.  That in and of itself isn’t very unusual but then he hit me in the face with a wadded up piece of paper.  Again, not unusual, what was unusual was that there was a printed out article from Wizards of the Coast dated almost two weeks ago on the paper.  I was extremely surprised first because I didn’t know the HGIC could work the printer and second because the article was about Goblins in D&D over the last 40 years and I would have expected him to bring it up on the day the article appeared.  In any case I implore you to check out the article “Goblins! A Brief Look Back at Goblinoids” from issue 416 of Dragon, no subscription required.  If you don’t I’m afraid what might happen to me…I don’t want to go the way of Matt’s stuffed Dalek!

Wizards on GenCon 2012

This morning Wizards of the Coast released a new article reviewing all of the fun from GenCon 2012 along with some YouTube videos (some included below) of the excitement.  If you went this year check out the videos and let us know if you see yourself!  Sadly none of us here at The Beat were able to make it as the goblins had us toiling away on deadlines.  They did say we might be able to go next year but of course they say that every year.  For more information check out the source article and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Keynote:



 source: wizards.com

If Only WOTC Would . . . release it’s own line of adult beverages

Okay, Wizards, I have to give you props on the seminally popular, and extremely geeky, line of Dungeons & Dragons-related sodas that are released in conjunction with Jones Soda. I have had some “Potion of Healing” and “Dwarven Drought” and both are delicious. But, let’s face it guys, the price for these delightfully dorky sugar-drinks is a bit stout, and if I am going to drop some major dough on liquid refreshment, I want to at least feel it in the morning. Thus, Wizards of the Coast, I give to you . . . D&D themed adult beverages!

Now, don’t start saying silly things like “We only know how to write books and publish editions of games way more often than is necessary! We don’t anything about brewing or distilling.” Never you fear, oh wise Wizards, that’s what a licensing agreement is for. After all, you guys didn’t make your own soda, did you? Of course not; you contracted with an already well-established yummy-drink company to make it for you and then slapped on the appropriate label. What I am suggesting is pretty much the same thing, just a lot more fun at parties.

“What will we call these drinks?” I am so glad that you asked. Just so happens that I have a couple of suggestions for you to put in the old brain box:

Number One: Dwarven Ale. Admittedly, this is a lot like the “Dwarven Draught” name for the afore-mentioned soda, but something Dwarf-related is going to be the first thing that real men like myself (stop snickering) are going to look for. This should be a a high gravity beer or some other beer with a high alcohol content. This drink should kick you in the teeth and leave you with a bit more facial hair than you started with.

Number Two: Elven Wine. Pink colored, sweet and made for wussies. Maybe a white zinfindel or something? I don’t know. Whatever would appeal to people who are too scared to drink something else.

Number Three: Orc Homebrew. Grain alcohol. Something with the potential to either be imbibed or used as an engine cleaner. Think white-lightening or everclear. One drink and you are on the floor because that is where Orcs sleep. On the floor. Consequently, that is also where they poop, so be careful.

Number Four: Halfling Hops. Another beer? Yes, another beer because beer is the best drink ever. Don’t agree? Go drink some Elven Wine. Anyway, this would be a slightly lighter beverage than the Dwarven Ale, but of course, full of hops. Maybe something like Sweet Water 420 or Terrapin’s Hopsexcutioner.

That’s probably enough to get the Wizards started. Now I have to get myself a drink. Cheers!