If Only WOTC Would… Make a D&D game for Wii U

Imagine if you will, four players each with a wiimote to control their character on the big TV screen when their initiative rolls around while the Dungeon Master can see everything they need to see on the screen of the Wii U gamepad.  I’m not the first to come up with this idea but I can say I probably thought of this around the same time as Penny Arcade did.  I agree this would be PERFECT for the way the Wii U was set up.  This could go along with any sort of game that requires one person to see something different than the other players see on the TV.

I can see the campaign playing out now:

A player with the wiimote gets initiative.  The interface on the TV pans over to that character’s current position on the map.  It then shows the fog of war and the black areas where that character can’t see or doesn’t know about.  They can then pick from a menu which actions they want to take and pick on the map where to move.  When it’s time to attack, check a skill or otherwise roll dice the game automatically picks up the correct set of dice (2d6 and a d20 for example) and the user has to shake and throw the wiimote to roll the dice!

Then when a monster gets initiative the Wii U gamepad vibrates and makes a neat sound through its speakers to signal it’s the DM’s turn.  While he picks through menus and such on the gamepad’s touchscreen there could be several animations and sounds playing through the TV to add suspense or give players clues depending on the options the DM picked on his screen such as flickers of light from certain directions or sounds from certain directions.Wii U Gamepad

You could even use the MotionPlus features of the wiimote when it’s a player’s turn to have them very carefully disarm traps like a virtual game of Operation where one wrong move will spring the trap instead!  Then as that character’s disarm trap skill increases the disarming traps “mini game” would get easier requiring less perfect motions of the wiimote.

It would be fun to be a part of the design phase of this game and I think I could come up with several metric tons of ideas.  Being a Wii U owner myself I can see exactly how all of it works together and could easily dream up new ideas on a daily basis.  Maybe I’ll keep updating this post with any new ideas I come up with?  Who knows!  Leave a comment and help add to the ideas!

If Only WOTC Would . . . Make a Magic the Gathering Game for Wii U

Think about it.  With the extra screen on the controller, each player can see their own hands and the table would be on the TV screen!  Having a screen on the remote would make ANY card game work on the Wii U.   It seems really useful for a game like Magic because there is often a lot of sifting through your deck and graveyard to find things and with an electronic interface each card graphic could have links to draw those cards automatically.  Also, with Magic on the Wii U, I’d never have to find something to use as counters, keeping up with effects, or making sure I turn my cards 90 degrees when they’re tapped.  Probably the best part would be never again having to worry about bending one of my four Black Loti.  Okay, stop laughing, a man can dream, can’t he?

Honestly, I probably won’t sit through the freezing cold in a camping chair for six hours playing my Nintendo DS waiting on the store to open when the Wii U comes out on November 18th, but I will try to get one for myself as a Christmas present.    At $299  for the base model and $349 for the upgrade which includes a nifty controller charging cradle I’ll probably opt for the upgrade.   Then again, I am a sucker for gadgets and an early adopter who doesn’t mind paying the “nerd tax”.  Now, I’m thinking a battle tech game would be super neat on this system too, but I guess that’s another article for another day.  If you want to find out more about the WiiU, check it out here.  If you have any other  ideas or thoughts about this upcoming system then leave a note in the comments for us!