The Economy Hits Asgard: Thor’s Helmet on Sale for $400

A replica of Thor’s helmet is now for sale at EFX Collectibles, and it kicks ass. It is only $400, so if someone out there would like to buy it for me, I will not stand in your way.

Seriously, somebody buy that dang helmet for me. If you do, I will bulk up, grow long hair (already got the beard) and cosplay Thor at Dragon*Con next year. Challenge accepted?

Check out the picture below, and go HERE to buy the helmet (for me).

Movie Review: The Avengers

I have been looking forward to watching “The Avengers” ever since I found out that was the ultimate plan during Iron Man II. Every trailer that I saw was great and I even liked Joss Whedon for the director (despite Dollhouse – that awful, awful turd of a show). I watched both Ultimate Avengers cartoons in order to brush up on the Chitauri when I found out they were Loki’s army. In case you were wondering, the studio used the Chitauri instead of the Skrull because the intellectual movie rights to the Skrull are tied up with Fantastic Four, which is currently owned by Fox Studios. So, to say that I had high expectation was an understatement, but I was not disappointed. Before I go any further, I am telling you to go see this movie as soon as you can. There is a reason “The Avengers” is breaking box office records wordwide: it is freaking awesome. Continue reading “Movie Review: The Avengers”