#068 Interface Zero 2.0 Interview with Dave Viars and Stan!

The Goblin Beat Crew brings you another fresh, hot-off-the-press interview, this time with Dave Viars, Line Developer of Interface Zero 2.0, and Stan! Brown, the forthcoming author of the Japan sourcebook for newest iteration of Interface Zero. So, sit back, chillax, and enjoy some cyberpunk fanboy talk!

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The Littlest Shoggoth KickStarter from Stan!

Artist and friend of our goblin overlords Stan! has his very first KickStarter! Several years ago Stan! wrote and illustrated a Cthulhu Mythos inspired children’s Christmas story.

Let that sink in for a minute (Cthulhu…children…┬áChristmas…)

Okay, now that your mind has been broken in a way that only the Great Old Ones could approve of we’ll continue. This KickStarter is to create a full run of published versions of this great story. The KickStarter only started up yesterday and has already reached over half of the funding goal ($5,000) but there is still time for you to get your backer status and get a signed copy of the book, or even have Stan! create a sketch of you!

Go check out this great KickStarter and wait patiently for the arrival of your book, or the rising of Cthulhu, whichever comes first. I can’t wait to read this book to my own lil’Shoggys on Christmas night for years to come.

source: stannex.com