Hell on Earth Miniature KickStarter

Studio 2 Publishing is creating a line of miniatures to go with the new Savage Worlds release of the Hell on Earth setting.  The KickStarter has already reached its minimum funding level but there are still plenty of stretch goals remaining, most of which involve additional miniatures.  The idea here is to give you a chance to get a printed copy of the new Hell on Earth Reloaded book and all of the minis you need to play at the same time.  For those of you interested in post-apocalyptic RPGs (and who isn’t?) this could be right up your alley and for $25 you can get your own set of the basic minis as soon as they are released!

source: peginc.com

Apocalypse Prevention Inc. for Savage Worlds

Third Eye Games released their API Savage Worlds Edition yesterday, a source book that has everything you need to “become agents and project the Earth” from monsters, demons and other supernatural threats.  Reading over the description I’m reminded of HellBoy in a very good way.  There are 12 playable races including humans, vampiric Taylari and wolf people along with systems for magic and cybernetics and what they promise is a “host of new Edges and Hindrances, including new Martial Arts Edges”.

The PDF is only $9 which sounds like a bargain.  What do you think?

 Source: peginc.com

Deadlands Noir Heating Up

Fans of the Savage Worlds RPG will no doubt be familiar with Deadlands, perhaps the most popular SW setting.  Deadlands Noir is set to release next month and the first Dime Novel created thanks to the KickStarter, Tenement Men, is now available.  The catch here is that it is currently only available to backers, but once the full release occurs in November everyone can get their hands on it.  Can’t wait till then to get your Noir on?  Go to the Pinnacle website for more information and check out the YouTube teaser below, that should help get you through those long dark and lonely nights as you wait for  your chance to be a 1930’s detective in the Big Easy!