The God of Light

It is the 1990s and the world is ruled by Supervillains. Starting in the 1960s, the Supervillains of the world stopped working at cross purposes and started working together to take down the Superheroes of the world one at a time. Thirty years later and the Supervillians have ruled the world unchallenged for almost fifteen years. The war that raged between super-beings left a large part of the earth severely damaged and some places uninhabitable. Major sections of the globe have been carved up by the most powerful beings, while the less powerful and the henchmen have been installed at the regional and local levels. Life goes on much as it did before the war, except now there are no fundamental rights and the world is a patchwork of police states that are constantly either at war or teetering on the brink. It turns out, after all of the heroes were dead, the villains were quick to turn on one another.

You and your friends live in a small city in what use to be Ohio. North America has been divided into four major countries: The east coast running from Newfoundland down to what is left of Florida; the west coast, running from Alaska down to Cabo san Lucas, Middle Canada and Middle America. You live in Middle America, now known as The Kingdom of Metal. The ruler of the Kingdom of Metal is Vicious Vinny, a death metal themed villain with sonic-based abilities that can strip the skin off of a grape or level an entire city.

The Hook

Just across the border to the east is the Eastcoast, now simply known as The State of Misery. In what used to be Pennsylvania, there is an irradiated and unlivable wasteland where a nuclear based superhero was finally put to heel; however, the ensuing explosion ensured that the surrounding 50 square miles would be a wasteland for generations to come. It is into this wasteland that you and your friends must venture. You see, you and your friends are the grandchildren of several of the superheroes that were murdered in the war. A secret society has established many cells like yours across the world and has been waiting on an opportunity to strike back; that opportunity has finally arrived.

God of Light was the name of the hero who was killed leading to the irradiation of Pittsburgh and much of the surrounding area. However, the Society has intelligence that indicates that God of Light’s nuclear power core was left behind and still sits in the ruins of Pittsburgh. The Society has tasked you and your friends with recovering the power core which the Society plans to use as part of a weapon to start the war with the Supervillains of North America. The society has supplied you with radiation suits and supplies that will last approximately two weeks. You and your friends can select whatever powers you would like to have. I would suggest the Super Powers Companion from Pinnacle that works with the Savage Worlds rule set.

The Truth

God of Light never died. The Society is a lie. It turns out that God of Light was actually a mole: a secret Supervillain who infiltrated the ranks of the superheroes early in the war campaign. When the war was coming to a close, the other Supervillains came to realize that turning on each other was inevitable and that God of Light was powerful enough that he could potentially take out all of the other Supervillains and rule the entire world. Seeking to strike first, the Supervillains conducted a surprise attack. Dozens of villains died in the ensuing carnage. Those that remained realized that they would never be able to kill God of Light; instead, they settled for imprisoning God of Light in a large box made of a mixture of lead and an extraterrestrial metal. Although the box contained God of Light, it did not stop the radiation pouring from his wounds from contaminating the surrounding area. The box also did not stop God of Light from reaching out with his empathic abilities and influencing the formation of the Society. You and your friend fight your way through mutated monstrosities and low level meta villains to arrive at the box that you believe contains God of Light’s power core. Once you succeed in opening the box, you have two choices: join God of Light in his campaign to overthrow the other villains of the world or fight him in his weakened state and hope to survive in order to decide how to move forward with your shattered lives.

Achtung! Cthulhu: The Movie

That is not a typo above, Achtung! Cthulhu is making a movie!  Modiphius Entertainment, the folks that brought us the great Call of Cthulhu / Savage Worlds (along with Realms of Cthulhu of course) World War II setting are now going to make a movie based on that same setting!  They have already hired Dirk Vandereyken to pen the script and have tagged Raine McCormack to handle directing duties.  Both Dirk and Raine seem very excited to work on this project and I’m sure all of the Cthulhu lovers out there would love to see a great original movie that leverages the rich backdrop of the Mythos.

The movie is currently titled Achtung! Cthulhu – The Secret War and is set to begin shooting in Summer of 2015 with a possible KickStarter in the Spring to help fund the film if necessary.

For those of you unfamiliar with Achtung! Chtulhu here is the setting description from the press release:

The Achtung! Cthulhu setting uses the writings of H.P. Lovecraft – arguably the most influential horror author ever – and the events unfolding just before and during World War II as source material to unveil the horrific secret history of what was actually going on behind the scenes. It presents a nightmarish alliance of science and the occult, frightening inhuman conspiracies from the depths of time and unbelievable war machines created just as much by the infernal ovens of the German factories as by dark incantations chanted by a select group of immoral, Cthulhu-worshiping Nazi researchers. It also features the heroes of the time, flawed but courageous human beings making a stand in the idle hope of postponing the inevitable demise of humankind foretold in antediluvian manuscripts tucked away in hidden corners of the world’s greatest museums.

Many of the characters, villains and creatures in the film are drawn from the pages and inspirational graphic art of the critically acclaimedAchtung! Cthulhu books and will also be making an appearance in Dark Tales, an anthology of short stories set in the same universe, whilst Modiphius has just launched a large range of collectible miniatures based on the universe. 

You can check out the full press release here and we will be sure to keep you up to date on any further news regarding the movie.

Ghostbusters Playing Cards

The folks from Albino Dragon are at it again with another great playing card KickStarter.  You might remember them from some of their other KickStarters like the great Cthulhu card set they did last year.  This time around they are doing a 30th anniversary (has it really been that long?) Ghostbusters set replacing face cards with drawings of characters from the movie.  These are high quality Bicycle Playing Cards and in my previous experience all of the images are sharp and well done.

We at the Goblin Beat love the Albino Dragon cards for use in our Savage Worlds games where you use a deck of cards for initiative in combat but these are great for anyone that uses playing cards and the quality is so high that you can use the decks for a long time with no worries about degradation.  Check out the video below and check out the KickStarter to get your own deck for only $15!


The Orton Estate

Although this Adventure Hook is probably more suited to a horror RPG like Call of Cthulhu it could work well within other systems like Savage Worlds (especially Realms of Cthulhu of course) or even Dungeons and Dragons with a few tweaks and the home could easily be fleshed out as a dungeon crawl.

Ian Theobald Orton was a famous adventurer and explorer who made his fortune finding and selling rare artifacts, artwork and curiosities.  At least that’s how the story goes in his official biography.  The truth however is much less prosaic.  Mr. Orton did indeed travel far and wide and dabbled in selling some of the more mundane things which he found in his travels, but his main purpose was the accumulation and use of long-lost forbidden knowledge.  A purpose to which he was uniquely suited and at which he greatly excelled.

Towards the end of his life he commissioned and built the Orton Estate on the outskirts of the city.  Rumors insist that Orton himself drew up the plans for the home and used different contractors for each stage of the construction so that no one person other than himself knew or fully understood the layout.  Many people even say that Ian Orton himself did much of the work even though he was upwards of sixty years old at the time.

Once the home was complete Mr. Orton spent the next few years arriving with trucks full of the art and curios he had obtained throughout his career as well as continuing to do some travel and acquiring more items which interested him until the time of his purported death over seventy-five years ago when ownership and upkeep of the estate passed to a Trust Mr. Orton had set up for the perpetual upkeep of the property for use by his family.

The Hook

Two weeks ago Natasha Hagelman, a seventeen year old local girl, disappeared and was last seen near the Orton Estate.  Authorities looking into the citizenkanedisappearance have come to the conclusion that the girl must have run away from home and have officially closed the investigation.  Natasha’s family however don’t believe this is true.  Her father is a long-time resident of the area and remembers several other disappearances around “the old Orton place” over the years and hires the players’ characters to investigate.

The Truth

Although investigations will show that the Orton Estate is currently owned by Ian’s great-grandson Henry Orton the only current resident is Ian himself.  Having prolonged his life and become immortal by turning himself into a Ghoul (a ghost or lich would work as well depending on your gaming system) he has continued his research.  Even now Ian has an insatiable thirst for forbidden knowledge which leads him to contact creatures from many realms.  These entities always require some type of payment for what they know and sometimes that payment comes in the form of humans.  When this occurs Ian abducts a passerby near his Estate and trades them for the information he seeks.  This has happened eight times in the seventy-five years since his “death” although only six were ever reported locally as the other two were from out-of-town, one a hitch-hiker and the other simply had the misfortune of being stranded near the estate on the wrong night.

#101 Arctigator Vs. Crocosharkasaurus

Clint Black ran a special Savage Worlds game at ConNooga for us this year.  Listen in as Matt, Danny and Brandon play along with three others in this adventure so amazing it must have been made for TV!

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#098 Legions of Agora 04

The story continues to unfold as we hold our first Savage Worlds Mass Battle, Matt gets some tissues, and more!

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#097 Legions of Agora 03

We return to the Legions of Agora this week as our heroes look into the mystery surrounding the seemingly undead legionnaires and the Titus’s missing century.

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#095 Legions of Agora 02

We continue our Legions of Agora campaign this week and the story begins to unfold.  Our legionnaire, chosen and plainsman fight for their lives and begin to get a grip on what is happening around them.

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Dragon Kings

Fans of Dark Sun rejoice! Timothy Brown, the co-creator of Dark Sun is running a KickStarter that he refers to as “my spiritual successor to Dark Sun.”  Dragon Kings is an ambitious and interesting undertaking that merges music, art, fiction and fantasy role-playing.  For those of you familiar with Dark Sun the world of Dragon Kings, Khitus, will seem very familiar.  Like Athas it is a world in decline, the best and most glorious days of the planet apparently behind it, and only the intervention of whip-smart heroes with nerves of steel can keep it from continuing to fall to waste.

If you go to the KickStarter page and look around you’ll quickly get an idea of how integrated the music and art are into the project.  We RPG lovers are very familiar at this point with the idea of art and fiction


helping to shape the worlds in which we play but the addition of music as a core component of that experience has never been fully realized.  Mr. Brown is actually creating an album which tells the story of a hero within the world of Khitus, complete with gazetteer book that has the lyrics to each song, art depicting that part of the story, and interesting lore that helps flesh out the world around.

The initial ask for this KickStarter is $29,000, which has almost been met as of now, and probably will be within the next day at the current rate.  That leaves well over three weeks of time to meet stretch goals which will add goodies such as more songs, rules supplements for additional game systems, adventures and short stories.

The initial game systems supported are Savage Worlds and Pathfinder which should satisfy most gamers.  13th Age is the first additional system to unlock via Stretch Goals with Fate Core coming along behind.

For myself the combination of a Dark Sun like campaign world, which was the first D&D Box Set I ever bought back in 2nd edition, and the Savage Worlds rules make this an extremely tempting offering.  Check it out and let us know what you think, and if you like what you see go ahead and back it as well!

#094 Legions of Agora 01

Our Savage Worlds campaign begins as two members of the Agoran Legion meet a plainsman from the Plains of Kintaro under unusual circumstances.  We hope you enjoy this first installment of our new campaign and come back next week as the story begins to unfold.

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