Kickstarter Review: Quantum RPG

Any Shadowrun fans out there? Here’s another, yet new and updated future-tech, urban based RPG. This game is the brainchild of Joshua J. Frost. He’s worked on several games like Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft TCG, Lord of the Rings, and Shadowrun, among others. If you’ve played Shadowrun then you have a pretty good idea how this RPG will play. If you haven’t played Shadorun then allow me to give it to you in a nutshell.

The game is played in a future, fictional world where technology and magic have come together as one. Humans are now mostly machine with bionic implants that give them more strength or bionic eyes that connect to their laser guns so that it shoots where ever they look. In this game, Quantum, there is a giant corporation called the Progenancy, that controls all aspects of the city you’ll be playing in. They even control a puppet government as their public arm.

The main city you’ll be playing in, Akyrema City, is divided into five districts each populated with the same type of beasts and bad guys.

I’m planning to play this as soon as we get a copy and look forward to getting my tech upgrades on!

KickStarter: Numenera

Just in case you didn’t already know: Monte Cook (yes that Monte Cook) is creating a whole new game system called Numenera, and just like any new venture worth its salt these days it is starting off with a KickStarter campaign.  The setting is described as ‘Science Fantasy’.  This is a post apocalyptic setting where most of the civilizations exist in a classic fantasy level of science but which has science fiction elements existing from previous and now defunct civilizations.

According to the KickStarter page the game itself is being created with mechanics that “prioritize the story, the action, and the wild ideas” the setting engenders.  I for one am very interested to see what comes from this and can’t wait to get the books and PDFs once it is all created and ready to ship sometime next year.  If you want to get in on the fun you still have 10 days before the KickStarter winds down.

#040 Interview – RPG Table Online

This week Jesse, Matt and Danny talk to Robert Eng and Rory Madden from RPGTableOnline formerly known as the Virtual Table from Wizards of the Coast.  RPG Table allows players to play D&D together online with automated rolls, character imports from Wizard’s Character Builder and many other tools.  The virtual table works with D&D 4e but listen in to find out what other versions of D&D and possibly other RPG games will soon be supported!

Also be sure to check out GameTableOnline for many other online board games, may of them free to play!

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Xenoblade Chronicles will be a change of pace for most

Anyone who’s an RPG gamer with years of experience with the new age Final Fantasy series and the like will certainly love this new RPG for the Nintendo Wii called Xenoblade Chronicles. This is a preview of what to expect when the game is released (hopefully) in April.

The box art seems familiar...

The story is a fairly standard man vs. machine where man (or Bionis it’s called including animals and plants it would seem) is living peacefully until they are suddenly attacked for no apparent reason by the machines (or Mechonis they are called) one beautiful Tuesday afternoon. So then of course it is up to you, the hero named Shulk, to bring the Monado blade (the red one in the picture) back to life in such as way as to not get hurt by it so you can use it to defeat the machines. The other character, Dunban, used the Monado before to defeat a bunch of Mechonis but it left him pretty badly hurt. The female lead, Fiora, had to nurse him back to health so there should be plenty of jokes in the story line about that.

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