KickStarter Hopeful – Soul Gambler

If you’ve ever enjoyed a “choose your own adventure novel” then you will like this game.

Billed as “an interactive visual novel” by m.gaia studio, this solo rpg has a contemporary setting, but is based on the 19th century play, Faust by Goethe.  Actually, your only choice of character is a male named Faust.   He is offered a seemingly preposterous deal by a mysterious old lady at a bus stop: sell pieces of your soul for anything you may want.  Using supernatural powers, she quickly convinces Faust that she is for real.  Since the game hinges on him wagering his soul and refusing the deal just prolongs the inevitable, Faust soon enters into a pact with forces beyond his comprehension.

Currently, only chapter one is available, and the character creation screen is simple and logical.  Faust begins with six points to distribute across 4 attributes (Health, Intelligence, Charisma, Manipulation), but cannot initially add more than three points to any attribute.  During the course of the game, there are problems that Faust needs to solve and anytime he sees his reflection, a demon offers to help for a percentage of Faust’s soul.  Depending on the situation, if he has high enough scores in certain attributes, he can save some of his soul and get the job done on his own.

Overall, if you’re looking for an action-packed, fast-paced game, than this isn’t for you.  If you would like something that takes some careful decision making and you like the idea of watching a story unfold as you take part in it, then this game may be a lot of fun.  It’s also perfect for a smartphone, because it’s so easy to put it down and come back later to where you left off.  You can play the free demo version on your computer here or download it through your smartphone’s app search feature.

This is a game still in pre-production, so if you want to find out more about the developers or about donating,  check out

More Noir

Can’t get enough Deadlands Noir?  Then you are in luck as Pinnacle has just released the first official adventure for the new setting, The Old Absinthe House Blues.  The adventure has the investigators trying to unravel theDLN_Old_Absinthe_House_Blues mystery disappearance of a new songstress from The Old Absinthe House in The Big Easy.  The description sounds interesting and for only $9.99 you can pick up the PDF.

Along with the adventure Pinnacle also released a free PDF full of pre-made Noir characters called Deadlands Noir: Archtypes.  All of the main character types you would expect are here, the Private Dick, the Hobo, the Reporter and Deadlands specific ones like The Arcane Detective, the Patent Scientist and the Harrowed.  There are nine characters in all, complete with backgrounds, equipment and powers (when needed).  In true Pinnacle fashion this PDF is freely available so check it out and get a taste of what Deadlands Noir is all DLN_Archetypes about.

Personally I’m tempted to do a Realms of Cthulhu mash-up with this adventure and see what happens!

The Legends of Sinbad RPG!

Our friends at Game Smiths are at it again, and this time around they are creating a whole new setting for Savage Worlds.  Legends of Sinbad is a historical fantasy setting set in the year 801 C.E. where the players are all crew members on a ship set to explore uncharted waters and brave unknown danger.  The book itself will have everything you need to play in this new setting, including all of the basic Savage Worlds rules, which means you can pick up this one source book and have everything you need to play.

This setting is already well fleshed out and they have plans to add more locales to the book throughout the development process.  You can see a current map of the areas they plan to develop below.

Early Map for Legends of Sinbad

Players can meet or play as members of many different cultures including Vikings from the Norselands, citizens from Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, druidic barbarians from Celtic Kingdoms, members of the Eastern Roman Empire as well as the expected Arabic Abassid Caliphate.  There are also mythological monsters like the kraken, frost giants, dragons, trolls and more to deal with as each culture also contributes the creatures from its mythology.
Right now you can secure your copy of the PDF version of the book for $10 on KickStarter with the usual added levels for differing levels of backing.  Right now the KickStarter is only focused on a PDF version of the book but they promise a print option if funding gets high enough, which it seems likely to do since they just started and are already over 90% funded.  There is also talk of a PathFinder conversion if backing is sufficient so those of you who enjoy PathFinder might be interested as well!


Deadlands Noir is Rolling Out

All of you Noir Savage Worlds fans are probably giddy with excitement as the PDFs for Deadlands Noir are being sent out to all of the KickStarter backers, in fact most of you probably already have your copy.  Created by Savage Shane Hensley himself this new Deadlands setting features 1930s New Orleans with a decidedly Deadlands flair.  Noir_e_coverFor those of you that didn’t get in on the KickStarter have no fear, starting next Tuesday you’ll be able to get your copy as well.  Here’s hoping the custom playing cards, dice and bennies will be available as well!


Baldur’s Gate for iPad

A whole generation of D&D fans were weened on the original Baldur’s Gate for PC in the late 90’s and now it has returned!  A new ‘Enhanced Edition‘ has just been released which claims over 400 improvements from the original game.  Not only that but you can also get this new version on your iPad for $9.99.  Baldur’s Gate EE also includes a new adventure, new playable characters and even new voice sets and player portraits.  Some of these have become the inevitable ‘in-app purchases’ that plague the Apple app ecosystem but you still get a very nice and robust game for $10 and a chance to play all new adventures in the game in which many of us once spent way too much time.

Android lovers aren’t getting left out either, the game is set to release soon for Android as well as for Mac.  A new PC version is already available for $19.99.


Savage Worlds Deluxe EE

This past summer I along with several other members of the Goblin Beat went to DragonCon here in Atlanta.  One of the items I came back with was a copy of the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition rule book.  I had heard of Savage Worlds before but none of us had ever played the game so after attending a panel talking about the future of Savage Worlds and where the brand was as a whole I couldn’t resist picking up the book one evening.  A week or two after DragonCon was all over I finally got around to picking up the SW book and reading through it and wow was I impressed!  I’ve been playing pen and paper RPGs for twenty years and I have never found a rule system as simple, intuitive, fun and fast paced as Savage Worlds.

I quickly setup a campaign for our podcast using Savage Worlds rules and the world of Warhammer 40k as the setting, and I think it is safe to say that everyone loved the rule system as much as I do.  Savage Worlds uses regular playing cards for initiative, where the highest value card goes first, the next highest second and so on.  I bought a dark set of playing cards from Bicycle to go with the feel of our game which helped to set the mood as well.  Combat is fast even when using our dry erase grid map, and everyone learned how to use their characters within the first round of combat, which took less than five minutes with four players!

Bennies were another big hit with the group.  In Savage Worlds each player starts every session with three bennies.  You can use anything to represent these but we bought a few packs of the actual Savage Worlds bennies, which are specially made poker chips.  Any time a player’s character fails a roll they can spend a benny (short for benefit) to roll again.  They can also spend a benny when their character is hurt to make a ‘soak’ roll and ignore the damage.  Bennies also work great as mid-session rewards for players; if they do something amazing or do a great job role playing their character you can reward them immediately with a benny.

The mechanics of the game are also simple, every trait and skill that a character has is given a value of d4, d6, d8, d10 or d12.  To use the given trait or skill the player rolls the associated die and on a 4 or higher they succeed.  There are a few cases (such as opposed rolls) where this gets a little more complicated but that is the main mechanic in the game, and it is simple and works great.  It is so simple in fact that I also now run a campaign once per week for my kids, where they are local heroes in a small town in a fantasy setting.  They all picked the game up within the first few minutes as well and are constantly talking about how much fun they have, and the youngest is only four and a half!

Currently I’m preparing another campaign using the Realms of Cthulhu setting for our podcast that we will change out with the Warhammer 40k and our normal D&D podcasts.  If you have read many of the reviews on our site then you know I am a huge fan of the Cthulhu Mythos and I’m extremely excited to get started with those games.  Look for a review of the Realms of Cthulhu setting guide soon.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Quest For Glory designers KickStarter!

That’s right, the designers of Quest For Glory have a KickStarter to create a new game, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption and it looks amazing.  There is less than a week left on this KickStarter and it is barely over half way to the goal.  This is going to (hopefully) be a high quality video game so they need $400,000 to make this happen.  I know I spent many many hours as a young lad playing Sierra games and they are certainly one of the reasons I still enjoy role-playing games.

Everyone who ever enjoyed one of those games should back this.  Even if you don’t play computer games anymore you should still back this game for all of those kids who should have the same chance you did to play an awesome adventure RPG Sierra-style.  So stop reading this, go here, and back this game which is certain to be great.  Then tell your friends.  You can also see a brief explanation of why these two designers are doing the KickStarter in the first place below.

KickStarter: Base Raiders

Base Raiders: The Superpowered Dungeon Crawling RPG is a KickStarter from Ross Payton.  Many of you fond of listening to role playing podcasts are probably familiar with his podcast Role Playing Public Radio where he runs games in a variety of game systems.  My current favorite is Cthulhu Invictus, check it out, it’s good stuff.

Base Raiders uses the FATE RPG system to let players enter a world where all the Super Heroes and Super Villains have mysteriously vanished.  Soon afterward a “few of their secret labs, headquarters, and lairs were raided, but many more remain hidden. The secrets of gaining superpowers began to leak out. A new class of self-empowered ‘base raiders’ emerged. Many abandoned bases still wait to be discovered. Treasures, unique artifacts, and secret knowledge can be found in the bases, prizes worth risking death from the traps and guardians left behind.”

The players take on the role of Base Raiders, turning themselves into super powered beings.  This looks to be a very cool concept and the KickStarter is already fully funded!  You have until November 25th to back it and get in on the action and help push to some of the stretch goals like a Savage Worlds conversion guide, which we would love here at the Goblin Beat.

source: kickstarter

Achtung! Cthulhu – Zero Point Part 2

Two things I love: Cthulhu and the Savage Worlds system.  You tell me you’ve got a Cthulhu themed Savage Worlds adventure and I say “WooHoo!”  So yes I’m excited about the Zero Point Part 2 being released by Modiphius Entertainment and I’m not at all ashamed to admit it.  Achtung! Cthulhu takes place during World War 2 and  Part 2 – Heroes of the Sea takes place during the Battle of Dunkirk with a Cthulhu twist as “a sinister conspiracy threatens the lives of the retreating Allied forces!”  In order to play you’ll need a Savage Worlds rule book as well as the Realms of Cthulhu book to supply all of the sanity checking rules needed to deal with Cthulhu inspired horror.

The players take on the roles of solders, agents and resistance fighters struggling to defeat the Old One menace and help the Allies retreat before the Germans or the Tentacles kill everyone involved.

Although The Goblin Beat will play with the Savage Worlds rule set there is also a Call of Cthulhu version of all of the Achtung! adventures.  That means all of you percentile die lovers out there can get in on the action as well.  I can’t wait to run these adventures for our group.  If you have already ran one of these Achtung! adventures tell us what you thought, you can be sure we’ll review them after we get a chance to play them as well.


Apocalypse Prevention Inc. for Savage Worlds

Third Eye Games released their API Savage Worlds Edition yesterday, a source book that has everything you need to “become agents and project the Earth” from monsters, demons and other supernatural threats.  Reading over the description I’m reminded of HellBoy in a very good way.  There are 12 playable races including humans, vampiric Taylari and wolf people along with systems for magic and cybernetics and what they promise is a “host of new Edges and Hindrances, including new Martial Arts Edges”.

The PDF is only $9 which sounds like a bargain.  What do you think?