Da Vulchas Showcase: Throwers

Greetings, Everyone!
Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting pictures and descriptions of the players on my Orc Blood Bowl team, Da Vulchas. In my home league (not the new Goblin Beat league), we place a heavy emphasis on narrative and often write up game reports, post-game interview transcripts, exposés on the teams’ inner workings, etc. Taking the time to do this adds a lot of flavor to the games and gives us an opportunity to poke fun at our fellow coaches. This is something that I’ve done for a lot of the game systems that I play, and I find it really helps me get invested in the experience and makes the game more than just pushing toy soldiers around and rolling dice. So…on to the Showcase!

First, we have #1 Morkid Krookhacka, currently the starting thrower for Da Vulchas Blood Bowl team.  He’s been with the young Orc team from the very beginning and over the past two seasons has put up 6 Completions, 5 Touchdowns, 1 Casualty, and 1 game MVP. He has racked up 28 SPP, and has gained the Accurate & Block skills. Rumor has it that Krookhacka feels he’s outgrown his rookie contract and has been pushing to increase his salary for next season. With the league’s tight salary cap and ban on sponsorships, Da Vulchas may have to part ways with the Veteran Thrower if they can’t come to some sort of agreement before the next season starts.

Next, we have #2 Binn “Squigfinger” Rockeye, currently on Da Vulchas practice squad. His inability to turn down a dare has gotten him into trouble more than once, the most recent example leading to his nickname “Squigfinger.” Fortunately, it was not his throwing arm, so it’s not necessarily a career-ending injury.  (I dropped him while painting and broke off two of his fingers.  Easier to slap some “Blood for the Blood God” on there than try to repair.  Lazy Hobby Win!) If Da Vulchas aren’t able to reach an agreement with Krookhacka, “Squigfinger” may finally get his chance to crack the team roster and prove his talent on the pitch.

You’ll notice that the team has outfitted both of its throwers with custom Orcdidas cleats, made from the finest purebred Squig leather. The hide is specially treated to enhance its natural red pigmentation because everyone knows “da red wunz go fasta!”

I hope you enjoyed this brief showcase, and let us know if you want to see more of this kind of article.