Review: Abolethic Sovereignty Trilogy

The transition from third edition to fourth edition D&D consisted of many changes in the game. For Forgotten Realms the change in editions also heralded changes in the world of Faerûn mostly in the form of the Spellplague.  The story told in the three books of the Abolethic Sovereignty follows a group of adventurers several years after the Spellplague has washed through the land, changing magic and generally disrupting the world.  Raidon Kane is a half-elf monk who spends most of his life hunting aberrations.  As the story begins he is heading home to his daughter after an adventure hunting and fighting these strange creatures when the Spellplague bursts forth and turns his life on its head.

Raidon awakens about ten years later to find Faerûn much changed and that his former life, including his daughter, has been lost.  There is truly no rest for the weary however as Kane soon finds himself embroiled in a fight against those who would awaken the Abolethic Sovereignty and unleash the horrors of the Far Realm upon not only the Forgotten Realms, but all worlds. Continue reading “Review: Abolethic Sovereignty Trilogy”

Deadly Storm

I will readily admit to being a huge fan of ABC’s show Castle. I really enjoyed the show FireFly back in the day and so when I saw Nathan Fillion was going to be on a new show I gave it a shot and have never looked back. The main character of the show, Richard Castle (Fillion), is an author that works with the NYPD to get an idea of how real homicide detectives work for his books, of which he writes about one per season of the show. What ABC did, which was very smart in my opinion, is actually release the books mentioned in the show as real books. Fans can even go to Richard Castle’s website and see his progress on books and the “cases” (episodes) he is helping to work on. Continue reading “Deadly Storm”

Neverwinter By R.A. Salvatore


Neverwinter is the second book in the Neverwinter Saga by R.A. Salvatore.  All of the characters from the first book are back and at the center again is Drizzt Do’Urden and his spinning scimitars.  In this book Drizzt and his new traveling companion Dahlia travel around the Neverwinter area ostensibly to track down and remove Sylora Salm from the area.  Before that however they travel around the country side to visit Luskan and stir up trouble there before heading back down towards Neverwinter to have it out with Sylora.  Of course the delay gives their enemies time to work all kinds of mischief and place more obstacles in the way which causes Drizzt and Dahlia to have to fight their way down and makes for a couple of surprising and interesting twists along the way. Continue reading “Neverwinter By R.A. Salvatore”