Dad Reviews: The Legend of Korra

 The Legend of Korra is a new Nickelodeon animated television series occurring in the same world as Avatar: The Last Airbender, some seventy years after the end of the first show.  This time around the new avatar is Korra, as you would expect from

the title of the show.  Prior knowledge of Avatar: The Last Airbender isn’t necessary to understand and enjoy Korra but I would recommend that anyone that hasn’t seen that show yet to go ahead and give it a try.  It is very compelling and I found it not only kept the interest of my whole family, but that I could also feel good about us watching together.

The legend of Korra thus far (three episodes in) lives up to the reputation of Avatar in every way.  The animation style is the same as with the previous show with an anime inspired look and feel that maintains a realistic quality.  The voice cast is excellent and do a wonderful job bringing their characters to life in combination with the animation. Continue reading “Dad Reviews: The Legend of Korra”