The Littlest Shoggoth KickStarter from Stan!

Artist and friend of our goblin overlords Stan! has his very first KickStarter! Several years ago Stan! wrote and illustrated a Cthulhu Mythos inspired children’s Christmas story.

Let that sink in for a minute (Cthulhu…children… Christmas…)

Okay, now that your mind has been broken in a way that only the Great Old Ones could approve of we’ll continue. This KickStarter is to create a full run of published versions of this great story. The KickStarter only started up yesterday and has already reached over half of the funding goal ($5,000) but there is still time for you to get your backer status and get a signed copy of the book, or even have Stan! create a sketch of you!

Go check out this great KickStarter and wait patiently for the arrival of your book, or the rising of Cthulhu, whichever comes first. I can’t wait to read this book to my own lil’Shoggys on Christmas night for years to come.


Quest For Glory designers KickStarter!

That’s right, the designers of Quest For Glory have a KickStarter to create a new game, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption and it looks amazing.  There is less than a week left on this KickStarter and it is barely over half way to the goal.  This is going to (hopefully) be a high quality video game so they need $400,000 to make this happen.  I know I spent many many hours as a young lad playing Sierra games and they are certainly one of the reasons I still enjoy role-playing games.

Everyone who ever enjoyed one of those games should back this.  Even if you don’t play computer games anymore you should still back this game for all of those kids who should have the same chance you did to play an awesome adventure RPG Sierra-style.  So stop reading this, go here, and back this game which is certain to be great.  Then tell your friends.  You can also see a brief explanation of why these two designers are doing the KickStarter in the first place below.

NRG KickStarter is now Live!

We’ve mentioned the NRG KickStarter once or twice and now it’s finally live!  Go here and help make this very cool idea into a reality.  It only started today and they are already climbing quickly towards the goal but they could use your help.  We are also interested in getting the Saga of the Dragon Star for Savage Worlds so let’s go make it happen!

KickStarter: Base Raiders

Base Raiders: The Superpowered Dungeon Crawling RPG is a KickStarter from Ross Payton.  Many of you fond of listening to role playing podcasts are probably familiar with his podcast Role Playing Public Radio where he runs games in a variety of game systems.  My current favorite is Cthulhu Invictus, check it out, it’s good stuff.

Base Raiders uses the FATE RPG system to let players enter a world where all the Super Heroes and Super Villains have mysteriously vanished.  Soon afterward a “few of their secret labs, headquarters, and lairs were raided, but many more remain hidden. The secrets of gaining superpowers began to leak out. A new class of self-empowered ‘base raiders’ emerged. Many abandoned bases still wait to be discovered. Treasures, unique artifacts, and secret knowledge can be found in the bases, prizes worth risking death from the traps and guardians left behind.”

The players take on the role of Base Raiders, turning themselves into super powered beings.  This looks to be a very cool concept and the KickStarter is already fully funded!  You have until November 25th to back it and get in on the action and help push to some of the stretch goals like a Savage Worlds conversion guide, which we would love here at the Goblin Beat.

source: kickstarter

New KickStarter Coming for NRG Game System

The fine people over at Game Smiths LLC. recently informed our wonderful goblin overlords of a KickStarter they have planned for November 12th to help launch their new N.R.G. RPG system.  Now that sounds okay, and we hear about quite a few KickStarters here at the Goblin Beat, but reading over the actual full description of the upcoming KickStarter we realized that these guys are for real!  Not only can you go now and try out a light
version of the N.R.G. rules for free to know in advance if you’ll like this game, you can also play all of the content in Pathfinder or Savage Worlds.  Not only that, but one of the stretch goals (that’s right you can already see all of the stretch goals here) is to have the Savage worlds content written by Shane Hensley, you know, the guy that literally wrote the book on Savage Worlds.  There are also stretch goals to have Wayne Reynolds create multiple pieces for the game as well, (he’s already done the cover for the main book/boxed set).  Fans of D&D and Pathfinder will recognize Wayne’s style immediately and it certainly adds to the overall package Game Smiths has put together.  So check out the free sample of the game, look over the great list of stretch goals and mark your calendars for November 12th.  We certainly will,  and in the mean time you can check out the promo video below as well.

RKDN Studios Kickstarter

RKDN Studios is well on the way to creating their new book, The Reliquary, thanks to the KickStarter for their project.  The book was initially set to contain “Sixty brand new items compatible with 13th AGE, Savage Worlds and Pathfinder.”  Now though they have reached almost all of their stretch goals which means they are adding tons of new content to the package including: diseases, taverns and more.  If you are a fan of any of these systems this is a great deal and by pledging you not only get a copy of the book in your choice of format but help to reach more stretch goals that mean more content!  Check it out and let us know what you think.


Hell on Earth Miniature KickStarter

Studio 2 Publishing is creating a line of miniatures to go with the new Savage Worlds release of the Hell on Earth setting.  The KickStarter has already reached its minimum funding level but there are still plenty of stretch goals remaining, most of which involve additional miniatures.  The idea here is to give you a chance to get a printed copy of the new Hell on Earth Reloaded book and all of the minis you need to play at the same time.  For those of you interested in post-apocalyptic RPGs (and who isn’t?) this could be right up your alley and for $25 you can get your own set of the basic minis as soon as they are released!


Kickstarter Review: Quantum RPG

Any Shadowrun fans out there? Here’s another, yet new and updated future-tech, urban based RPG. This game is the brainchild of Joshua J. Frost. He’s worked on several games like Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft TCG, Lord of the Rings, and Shadowrun, among others. If you’ve played Shadowrun then you have a pretty good idea how this RPG will play. If you haven’t played Shadorun then allow me to give it to you in a nutshell.

The game is played in a future, fictional world where technology and magic have come together as one. Humans are now mostly machine with bionic implants that give them more strength or bionic eyes that connect to their laser guns so that it shoots where ever they look. In this game, Quantum, there is a giant corporation called the Progenancy, that controls all aspects of the city you’ll be playing in. They even control a puppet government as their public arm.

The main city you’ll be playing in, Akyrema City, is divided into five districts each populated with the same type of beasts and bad guys.

I’m planning to play this as soon as we get a copy and look forward to getting my tech upgrades on!

KickStarter: Numenera

Just in case you didn’t already know: Monte Cook (yes that Monte Cook) is creating a whole new game system called Numenera, and just like any new venture worth its salt these days it is starting off with a KickStarter campaign.  The setting is described as ‘Science Fantasy’.  This is a post apocalyptic setting where most of the civilizations exist in a classic fantasy level of science but which has science fiction elements existing from previous and now defunct civilizations.

According to the KickStarter page the game itself is being created with mechanics that “prioritize the story, the action, and the wild ideas” the setting engenders.  I for one am very interested to see what comes from this and can’t wait to get the books and PDFs once it is all created and ready to ship sometime next year.  If you want to get in on the fun you still have 10 days before the KickStarter winds down.