KickStarting: Heroes of Normandie

Fans of tabletop war games should get the warm-fuzzies when they see Heroes of Normandie from Paris based Devil Pig Games.  Heroes is a cross between an army building tabletop war game and a board game set in the summer of 1944 and as you probably guessed from the name, based on World War II.  The base game ships with numerous scenarios that you and a friend, or hated enemy you wish to crush, can use to setup your battles and fight one another.  Each side controls a platoon of soldiers, trucks, tanks and artillery in an attempt to decimate the other side and complete objectives.

Produced in Europe, the game isn’t exactly cheap to get a copy of the game if you live in the US, coming in at around $100 for the basic game, but if you are a fan of these types of games it could be well worth it to get a fun tabletop game from a proven company.  As added incentive, heroes_norm_demohref=””>Modiphius Entertainment who are still running their own KickStarter have partnered with Devil Pig Games with a stretch goal.  If this KickStarter reaches £47,500 they will add an Achtung! Cthulhu themed set of tiles and punch boards as a KickStarter only exclusive!

#067 Chris Birch talks Achtung! Cthulhu

In this episode Chris Birch from Modiphius Entertainment joins us to talk about their Achtung! Cthulhu KickStarter.  Listen in to find out more about the KickStarter as well as what to expect as the campaign continues.  He also announces a give-away where you can win a copy of both of the existing Achtung! Cthulhu adventure in your choice of Call of Cthulhu or Savage Worlds.

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Achtung! Cthulhu KickStarter

If I were to make a list of the best things to possibly put into an RPG setting two things that would be way at the top are Cthulhu inspired horror and Nazis.  Achtung! Cthulhu wraps both of those into one neat package.  Modiphius, the company behind this KickStarter already has several World War II Cthulhu products including Heroes of the Sea and Three Kings, both of which we here at the Goblin Beat have been wanting to work into our achtungplay schedule.  All of the existing Achtung! Cthulhu products are available to play with Call of Cthulhu rules or with Savage Worlds using Realms of Cthulhu.  The KickStarter however is looking for £8,000 (Modiphius is based in the UK) to produce the Call of Cthulhu version of their new Investigator and Keeper guides, with the first stretch goal of £11,000 bringing the Savage Worlds version of the books into fruition.

Once fully backed the basic release will be the two guides mentioned above as PDFs as well as available soft cover copies of each book.  One of the later stretch goals will make these hard cover books and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a later goal turn the black and white books into full color, depending upon how well the project ends up being backed.  The only other stretch goal currently visible is an Eastern Front Guide but other things that have so far been hinted at include other front guides as well as adventures.  There is also plenty of room for some interesting add-ons.  I would like to see some custom wild dice and possibly even a deck of cards.  If the cover art is any indication these could be some very beautiful books. The Noir feel of the Investigator Guide is particularly well done.  There is still a lot of time left (48 days as of this post) but don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out.


Fate/Fudge Dice KickStarter

Hello there Goblin Beatniks!  It’s that time again and this week’s KickStarter is Thematic Fate/Fudge Dice from Front Range Games.  For those of you who followed the epic Fate Core KickStarter you know that you need Fudge dice to play the game and what better way than with your own custom themed set?  The default set for the KickStarter is a rose and pentagram but there are several other sets you can vote to have available as well as a Backer.  This KickStarter isn’t yet fully funded so not only is this a chance to get some cool gaming accessories but also a chance to help make someone else’s gaming dream into a reality.  There are still over two weeks left so there’s time to get your own set (of 4) dice.   Also, as soon as it is funded 3 additional sets will be available based on backer voting, so you can vote for your favorite set and then get it sent to you once the KickStarter is over!  Of course I’m a fan of the Cthulhu themed dice which is thankfully the #2 design.  Maybe I can convince the goblins to buy us a few sets.  Four sets is only $33 for US backers ($35 or $39 elsewhere).  Check out the top three voted themes below and let us know what you think about this KickStarter.


Fate Core System KickStarter

Anyone who loves pen and paper RPGs has at least heard of the Fate rule system by Evil Hat Productions even if you only know that it is the system the Dresden Files RPG is based off like me.  If you are also like me in that you haven’t ever actually played a Fate based game then now is your chance.  With the Fate Core KickStarter everyone has a great chance to get into this exciting system at a ridiculously low cost.  Just $15 gets you a physical copy of the new Accelerated rules book, which has everything you need to learn to play in the system, and you can add extra copies of the book for $5 each which means you could get enough books for a group of five for $35!

No matter what your backer level though you immediately get access to the current pdf version of the new Fate Core book and all backer levels $10 and up also get a PDF version of every expansion funded by the KickStarter!  This KickStarter has already blown the minimum funding level way out of the water.  They currently sit at over $330,000 of the $3,000 the project had set as the minimum goal.  This is beyond great for any RPG fan looking to check out the system because almost all of the stretch goals already met benefits you immediately.

Look for the Goblin Beat to run a couple of 1-shots on our actual play podcast very soon with the new Fate Core System.  We can’t wait to try it out and see what we think.


Oh and I almost forgot, the $400,000 stretch goal?  An all new Dresden Files Accelerated book!  We are all big fans of the Dresden files here (the Goblins make us watch re-runs of the show on a bi-weekly basis) so there is no doubt we’ll be playing that if/when it gets funded.

One last bonus piece of information for all of you Atomic Robo fans out there (Matt!).  Evil Hat is working on an upcoming RPG game based on Atomic Robo as well!


Interface Zero 2.0: Cyberpunk Savaged

KickStarter is quickly becoming the land of awesome RPG products and Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk is yet another example.  The original Interface Zero released back in 2010 as a near future Cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds.  Now Gunmetal Games is ready to release an updated and improved version of the game along with new settings like Christ Church New Zealand and Atlanta Georgia (home of the Goblin Beat)!  Fans of hacking, cyber ware, robots and books like Neuromancer should take notice as this looks to be a great system.

The original version of the Interface Zero setting was an award nominated hit and 2.0 promises a sleeker  more streamlined version of the same system.  As if that by itself wasn’t enough there are stretch goals (some of which have already been met) to have well-known industry veterans create source books for different locations.  As of this moment the Japan source book stretch goal is close to being reached and it will be written by none other than all around great guy and friend of the Goblin Beat, Stan! Brown.

As with any good KickStarter project there are also plenty of add-ons and Interface Zero 2.0 has some sweet ones.  Firstly, the obligatory custom wild die, which can be had for $2, print editions of the book, custom bennies, custom playing cards and even hardbound copies of the book are available.  Recently they have also added an Explorer’s Edition available as an add-on, the price of which varies depending upon which backer level you select.  If you haven’t seen the Explorer’s Edition bound books before  they are 6.5″ x 9″ and fit great in the hand.

So what do you think, ready to get your Cyberpunk Savaged?  Check out the video below for more information.

Adventure Quest: Learning & LARPing for Kids

Every once in a while you hear an idea that is so simple and makes so much since you can’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself.  That is what happened to me when I first found out about Adventure Quest (no not Adventure Time).  Adventure Quest started out as an after school/camp activity created for kids which basically lets them play in a kid friendly, LARP environment where they learn to solve problems through critical thinking, play fighting with foam swords (my kids do this part on their own anyway) and learning about history and mythology.

This one activity actually gets kids to run around and play outside, teaches them about subjects which will help them in school, and helps them learn how to better interact with their peers and adults.  Now the folks at Renaissance Adventures have created a KickStarter to allow them to create game books for anyone to run their own Adventure Quest games with special emphasis on parents, educators, gamers and even entrepreneurs that would like to run the games as part of a business.  On top of that they have also created a RPG version of the game.  According to their claims you can seamlessly go from LARP to RPG and back with the same adventure/story.

The idea of having my kids engaged in playing games outside instead of asking to play a video game is intruiging to me.  If you’d like to know more check out their KickStarter page and see what you think.


Godus Makes Funding Goal

Imagine being a god with nature as your plaything and your own worshipers to inspire or strike with fear as you see fit.   In the upcoming game, Godus, this will be possible.  You will shape the contours of the land throughout the centuries and manipulate volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, and more in order to help and grow your body of worshipers in an eternal battle of the gods.  If this concept sounds familiar, then like me, you may have played a game back in the early nineties called Populous. The development of Godus is being headed by the same man to create that game over twenty years ago.  Head developer, Peter Molyneux wishes to revive the “god game” genre and is poised to do just that by recently achieving his funding goal on Kickstarter.  GODUS_3You can find a video of the game in action as he discusses some of its major features at  22 Cans is the company behind Godus which has received major headlines at and

The Legends of Sinbad RPG!

Our friends at Game Smiths are at it again, and this time around they are creating a whole new setting for Savage Worlds.  Legends of Sinbad is a historical fantasy setting set in the year 801 C.E. where the players are all crew members on a ship set to explore uncharted waters and brave unknown danger.  The book itself will have everything you need to play in this new setting, including all of the basic Savage Worlds rules, which means you can pick up this one source book and have everything you need to play.

This setting is already well fleshed out and they have plans to add more locales to the book throughout the development process.  You can see a current map of the areas they plan to develop below.

Early Map for Legends of Sinbad

Players can meet or play as members of many different cultures including Vikings from the Norselands, citizens from Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, druidic barbarians from Celtic Kingdoms, members of the Eastern Roman Empire as well as the expected Arabic Abassid Caliphate.  There are also mythological monsters like the kraken, frost giants, dragons, trolls and more to deal with as each culture also contributes the creatures from its mythology.
Right now you can secure your copy of the PDF version of the book for $10 on KickStarter with the usual added levels for differing levels of backing.  Right now the KickStarter is only focused on a PDF version of the book but they promise a print option if funding gets high enough, which it seems likely to do since they just started and are already over 90% funded.  There is also talk of a PathFinder conversion if backing is sufficient so those of you who enjoy PathFinder might be interested as well!


World of the Dead – A Savage Worlds KickStarter

Zombie popularity seems to be not only at an all-time high but also shows not signs of slowing down, just like the zombies themselves.  Daring Entertainment is apparently very aware of this trend and so they are helping Zombie lovers enjoy playing in a Walking Dead-like Savage Worlds setting.  Not only that, but there will apparently be playable undead as well!  So you can look forward to shuffling down streets and snacking on brains during your next Savage Worlds game.  This KickStarter is already funded and backers get early access to the rules books, so if you are interested it could definitely be worth it to go ahead become a backer now.

Source: KickStarter