In Which A Nerd Is Introduced…

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Greetings, Everyone.

I wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself, since I’m going to start contributing to the page. My name is Jon, and I’m a nerd. I made peace with this long ago, which helps when you have a teenager. Then, when he points out how uncool I am, I can just respond with “I know.” I’m betting that you are also a nerd, since you’re hanging out on a website like The Goblin Beat, so I’ll say… Well met, fellow nerd!

My introduction to gaming of any sort began shortly after the turn of the century, when I walked in on a co-worker painting a Moria Goblin from Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings game. I was blown away by how tiny the miniature was and how well he painted it, but protested that I could never paint anything so small. He offered to let me try my hand at one, whether because he was trying to grow the hobby or just trick me into painting part of his horde I could not say. Either way, I found the experience oddly satisfying and here we are, years (and hundreds of dollars worth of miniatures) later.

I still actively play what is now called the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, as well as Blood Bowl (also by Games Workshop) and the X-wing Miniatures Game (by Fantasy Flight Games). I’m not much of a competitive gamer, so don’t expect much in the way of high-level tactics articles or tournament reports, but I will be writing about these game systems in the future. When it comes to table-top gaming, I’m much more drawn to campaigns and narrative-style games, which is probably why the transition into RPGs was so easy for me.

As for Role-Playing Games, I dabbled in some 2e Dungeons & Dragons, primarily set in Middle-earth rather than one of the established settings, but drifted away for several years. Then, the Goblin Beat crew invited me to join their Curse of Strahd campaign, which introduced me to 5e D&D and I fell back in love. Our weekly games were a blast, but they created an itch to DM my own games and I began running a second campaign on a different night of the week (which are not recorded…for now).

If you listen to the podcast sessions, you’ll hear my dulcet tones bringing Haleth (War Cleric of Lathander) and Einkil Ironfist (Charlatan Battlemaster) to life. In our Call of Cthulhu games, I play Dr. Lindsay Holt, who may be retired now that the rest of his crew is dead, but them’s the breaks when you face the Elder Gods and their minions.

Anyway, I look forward to interacting with you all over the coming weeks & months, and thanks for supporting the Goblin Beat.

May the dice rolls be ever in your favor!