Fate Dice KickStarter

After the success of the Fate Core KickStarter it was only a matter of time before the Evil Hat guys came out with their own line of dice to allow the over ten thousand backers to play the upcoming game in style.  Well now we can stop waiting as the Fate Dice KickStarter has arrived and these dice look nice!  The first package of dice starts at $20 for US backers and gets you a pack containing three sets of fudge dice.  After that you can get additional regular centurionFateDicepackages of dice for $15 each for normal sets or $18 each for the yet-to-be-announced special sets.  So far the announced packages include the official Fate Core set using colors from the book, the Centurion set and the Atomic Robo set.  The next set doesn’t get revealed until funding reaches $30,000 which shouldn’t take long since funding reached $26,000 within the first few days.  I absolutely everyone stop reading this article and go pledge to the KickStarter.  Okay now that you did that I have a small confession to make.  The last hidden set would have also been revealed on May 7th if it didn’t reach $30,000, I’m just impatient.  On the bright side you’ll be getting some Fate Dice soon!

What do you think about these dice?  Are you planning to get some?  What other sets would you like to see?


Fate/Fudge Dice KickStarter

Hello there Goblin Beatniks!  It’s that time again and this week’s KickStarter is Thematic Fate/Fudge Dice from Front Range Games.  For those of you who followed the epic Fate Core KickStarter you know that you need Fudge dice to play the game and what better way than with your own custom themed set?  The default set for the KickStarter is a rose and pentagram but there are several other sets you can vote to have available as well as a Backer.  This KickStarter isn’t yet fully funded so not only is this a chance to get some cool gaming accessories but also a chance to help make someone else’s gaming dream into a reality.  There are still over two weeks left so there’s time to get your own set (of 4) dice.   Also, as soon as it is funded 3 additional sets will be available based on backer voting, so you can vote for your favorite set and then get it sent to you once the KickStarter is over!  Of course I’m a fan of the Cthulhu themed dice which is thankfully the #2 design.  Maybe I can convince the goblins to buy us a few sets.  Four sets is only $33 for US backers ($35 or $39 elsewhere).  Check out the top three voted themes below and let us know what you think about this KickStarter.