#071 Depths of Insanity Season 2, Episode 1: Out of the Depths

Depths of Insanity Season 2 is finally here! Join Kriv, Aramil, Lucius, Varys and Axar as they help the dwarves of U fight for their survival! Will they triumph? There are major battles fought and sweet loot to be had. Check it out!

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#050 Depths of Insanity Season 2: Leveling Up

As a teaser for the 2nd season of Depths of Insanity we are taking the time to advance 3 of the PCs to level 7 in this week’s podcast. The events at the end of the first season have had long-lasting effects upon the characters, some of which show themselves in this episode as Kriv, Leucis and Aramil select new powers, feats and skills and plan for their Paragon Paths.

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#016 In Search of Fish

This week we are back to the Depths of Insanity Podcast!  Listen in to this first of four DoI podcasts from our first live in person recording.  There are a few audio quality issues in these next few episodes.  We hope you enjoy getting back to our main campaign though and we look forward to hearing back from you at podcast@crimsonbastards.com  Please continue to give us the great reviews and 5-star ratings on iTunes.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

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