More Noir

Can’t get enough Deadlands Noir?  Then you are in luck as Pinnacle has just released the first official adventure for the new setting, The Old Absinthe House Blues.  The adventure has the investigators trying to unravel theDLN_Old_Absinthe_House_Blues mystery disappearance of a new songstress from The Old Absinthe House in The Big Easy.  The description sounds interesting and for only $9.99 you can pick up the PDF.

Along with the adventure Pinnacle also released a free PDF full of pre-made Noir characters called Deadlands Noir: Archtypes.  All of the main character types you would expect are here, the Private Dick, the Hobo, the Reporter and Deadlands specific ones like The Arcane Detective, the Patent Scientist and the Harrowed.  There are nine characters in all, complete with backgrounds, equipment and powers (when needed).  In true Pinnacle fashion this PDF is freely available so check it out and get a taste of what Deadlands Noir is all DLN_Archetypes about.

Personally I’m tempted to do a Realms of Cthulhu mash-up with this adventure and see what happens!

Deadlands Noir is Rolling Out

All of you Noir Savage Worlds fans are probably giddy with excitement as the PDFs for Deadlands Noir are being sent out to all of the KickStarter backers, in fact most of you probably already have your copy.  Created by Savage Shane Hensley himself this new Deadlands setting features 1930s New Orleans with a decidedly Deadlands flair.  Noir_e_coverFor those of you that didn’t get in on the KickStarter have no fear, starting next Tuesday you’ll be able to get your copy as well.  Here’s hoping the custom playing cards, dice and bennies will be available as well!