#002 Under Raython Tower

The first actual play episode of our new podcast!  In this episode we meet the players and their characters.  We then go over the adventure thus far and start our first combat!


Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this episode.  Go to http://www.goblinbeat.com for screen shots of each round of combat.

For more information about the Depths of Insanity Campaign including character backgrounds, journal entries and our wiki page click here.

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#001 Character Creation

In this episode Matt and Jesse go over character creation using the online character builder from Wizards to get their characters ready for the upcoming campaign.  Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes.

During the episode we mention using the iPlay4e website.  Check it out here: http://iplay4e.appspot.com/

Depths of Insanity is a D&D 4e actual play podcast.


Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium

Mordenkainen's Magnificent EmporiumThis new D&D 4e supplement is chock full of magical items both new and old, as well as some interesting quotes from Mordenkainen himself.  It turns out that the old mage has been hording knowledge about magical items over the decades and at one point created a magical set of books to allow him to share the information with the other members of the Circle of Eight.  He created a master copy for himself and slave copies for his friends.  Whenever he made an update to the master, all of the slaves would magically gain the same entries themselves.  This is a very interesting idea and doubtless would have been beneficial to the other members of the circle if not for the fact that Mordenkainen apparently retrieved the slave copies of the book almost immediately after handing them out. Continue reading “Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium”

Alea Tools

Anyone that has played fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons knows that keeping up with conditions can become a very important, time-consuming, and often confusing part of the game. Normally the task of keeping up with all of these conditions, especially those on PCs, falls to the DM. If an ogre is taking ongoing damage from a spell the party wizard took you can be sure that he will remind everyone of it constantly, but if that same wizard is taking ongoing fire damage he will be just as likely to “forget”about it as not. Continue reading “Alea Tools”