New DnD Next Playtest Out

Wizards of the Coast continues to deliver on their promise of making the development of the next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons as transparent as possible with this latest release of DnD Next platest materials.  Among other things it promises “magic items, some updated monsters, and a revised version of Caves of Chaos” which all sounds good to us!  

Wizards also reminds us to keep up with the Legends & Lore column on the main D&D site for weekly updates on how this new version of the game is progressing.

Check it out and let us know how you like DnD next so far.

DnD Next Playtest

For anyone out there who doesn’t know, Wizards of the Coast have released the latest update to the DnD Next play-test.  This latest release includes rules for the sorcerer and warlock classes and along with rules for creating characters and progressing up to level five.  I for one am very happy that the warlock has made it into the fray this early as one of the PCs in our Depths of Insanity campaign is a warlock.  Now if only the Eladrin make it through!

#036 RA Salvatore Interview: Charon’s Claw

Join us for this special mid-week podcast as Brandon, Chris, Danny and Matt talk with RA Salvatore about his new book Charon’s Claw, dnd next, Forgotten Realms and more.  Look for our review of the new book later this week and enjoy the show!

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#030 DnD Next Playtest Thoughts


In this week’s episode we take a break from our campaign to talk about Dnd Next.  The public playtest is now well underway and the CB crew all take a few minutes to sit down and talk about the experience so far, what we like, don’t like, hope to see etc.  Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or sending an email to and we’ll read it in a future episode.  Thanks for all the support on Facebook, Twitter and iTunes (we love the 5-star reviews!) and don’t forget to look for us at DragonCon this year.  We’ll be running several game tables and would love to see you there.


#020 DnD Next Chat

This week we discuss recent D&D next articles and polls.  Enjoy listening to us give our take on these subjects and let us know yours by leaving comments or email us at  Please continue to give us the great reviews and 5-star ratings on iTunes.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

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#009 DnD Next

This week we discuss D&D Next or D&D 5e (again).  We hope you enjoy our thoughts on the upcoming edition as we eagerly await its release.

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Will D&D 5E Unite the Fold?

Wizards of the Coast caused quite a stir in the D&D community when they recently announced an upcoming complete overhaul of the game. It’s been less than 5 years since the original release of the last edition (D&D 4E), so you may be asking yourself why are they already changing things up? In his official announcement of the project, WoTC’s head of R&D, Mike Mearls says, “We want a game that rises above differences of play styles, campaign settings, and editions, one that takes the fundamental essence of D&D and brings it to the forefront of the game.”
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