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Goblin Beat

Interface Zero 2.0: Cyberpunk Savaged

KickStarter is quickly becoming the land of awesome RPG products and Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk is yet another example.  The original Interface Zero released back in 2010 as a near future Cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds.  Now Gunmetal Games is ready to release an updated and improved version of the game along with new settings like Christ Church New Zealand and Atlanta Georgia (home of the Goblin Beat)!  Fans of hacking, cyber ware, robots and books like Neuromancer should take notice as this looks to be a great system.

The original version of the Interface Zero setting was an award nominated hit and 2.0 promises a sleeker  more streamlined version of the same system.  As if that by itself wasn’t enough there are stretch goals (some of which have already been met) to have well-known industry veterans create source books for different locations.  As of this moment the Japan source book stretch goal is close to being reached and it will be written by none other than all around great guy and friend of the Goblin Beat, Stan! Brown.

As with any good KickStarter project there are also plenty of add-ons and Interface Zero 2.0 has some sweet ones.  Firstly, the obligatory custom wild die, which can be had for $2, print editions of the book, custom bennies, custom playing cards and even hardbound copies of the book are available.  Recently they have also added an Explorer’s Edition available as an add-on, the price of which varies depending upon which backer level you select.  If you haven’t seen the Explorer’s Edition bound books before  they are 6.5″ x 9″ and fit great in the hand.

So what do you think, ready to get your Cyberpunk Savaged?  Check out the video below for more information.

Five Reasons Why William Gibson is One of the Best Science Fiction Authors in the Universe

I have named every computer I have ever owned “Wintermute” after one of the sentient, artificial intelligences in the novel, Neuromancer, by William Gibson. Currently, my wifi connection bears the “Neuromancer” moniker, and just the other day, I could not help but chuckle when I noticed that one of my neighbors had changed their wifi connection name to Count Zero– another novel by William Gibson. That made me start thinking about why I formed such a strong connection to the writings of Mr. Gibson and what makes him such a great author. For better or worse, I decided to write a little bit about it.


Number Five: Saying More by Writing Less

I read Neuromancer for the first time when I was a sophomore in college, and it changed the way I thought about writing fiction (Ironically I read the entire book on a webpage using my laptop. Mmmmm, tasty irony.). I had been engrossed in the uber-detailed worlds of authors like Tolkien and did not realize what an author could do by using less words instead of more. William Gibson showed me that an author could say a lot using just a few words; that is, if they knew the right words to use.

William Gibson can let you know more in a few sentences than many authors can in an entire page. Try this quote on for size: “They were blonde. They were standing beside their car, an aluminum avocado with a central shark-fin rudder jutting up from its spine and smooth black tires like a child’s toy.” Tell me those few sentences don’t evoke a vivid scene in your mind, and I will call you a dirty damn liar. In case you care, that quote is from the short story, “The Gernsback Continuum,” in the collection of short stories, Burning Chrome. You should probably go read that now. I will wait until you get back.
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