That Which Sleeps

It seems like there is an explosion of great projects out on KickStarter these days which makes it hard to pick and choose which ones to spotlight  here on our KickStarting column.  That Which Sleeps however moves beyond ‘great idea’ into the territory of ‘I would personally feel bad if I didn’t mention it and you missed out’.

Anyone who reads many articles here on the Goblin Beat or listens to our podcasts (or watches our YouTube channel) knows I love Lovecraft.  That’s right, love Lovecraft, what?  That Which Sleeps (TWS from here on) is a computer game and by the title you would suppose that it is Lovecraftian, which it is, but not in the typical fear ridden “what am I doing in this strange house and what are those noises and where did all these tentacles come from” sort of way.  TWS is a game where you are an Old One that has been reawakened after millennia of being locked away in a deep sleep, and now you are ready to take your rightful place as ruler of a pitiful world filled with mortals.

From the gameplay shown within the videos this game reminds me a great deal of Civilization in that this is a turn based strategy game about world domination, where most of the action takes place on an overland map showing the entire world.  Instead of building cities, roads, trade agreements and raising armies however you spend your time fostering Agents to do your bidding, corrupting mortals to further your goals and fomenting rebellions with the help of your trusty cults.

Take a look at the KickStarter trailer below and head on over to the KickStarter page to get more information on this game if you are interested.  The campaign has already funded at over 400% of the original goals and has unlocked a number of stretch goals that should add more content and twists to the finished product.

#109 Cthulhu Fluxx

We came back from DragonCon this year with a copy of Cthulhu Fluxx among other things.  Listen in as Chris, Danny and Brandon unleash the wrath of the great old ones and attempt to wrestle secrets from the Necronomicon in this game of insanity causing rules changes.

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The Anagen Gate

The King of the Island Nation of Thalass has gone missing and his Queen is willing to pay handsomely for his return.  The King’s last known location was on a small island where according to legend a gate to another realm exists.  The King left with his most trusted advisors and soldiers in hopes of finding his way to this realm in order to gain a weapon or artifact to help him safeguard his people from the other nations of the area.

King Thalass, as all Thalassian kings are called, had been convinced that his small kingdom would soon be overrun by pirates and invading forces if he could not find a way save them.  As a result he fixated upon the ancient legend of The Anagen Gate.  A gate through which a person may pass to find new power and strength, strength King Thalass could use to protect his kingdom.

The Queen knows the location of the island where King Thalass was headed and can give this to the heroes.  The trick to the Anagen gate though comes from the fact that once you go through it, you can not go back out the same way.  Any who enter may only return to their own world by going forward, through six more gates.  Each gate takes the traveler to another realm where they must prove themselves worthy to move forward and only by making it through the seventh gate does one return to the island.

When the heroes arrive the King is stuck just inside of the third gate, where the last of his advisors was struck down.  Each realm has its own challenges and problems to solve to make it through the next gate but once the King is found, and the heroes convince him that they are both real and on his side, he will willingly work along with them to make their way out.

There is plenty more to flesh out here, each realm could be a single encounter or an entire adventure for the players.  The rewards for any hero making his/her way through the final gate could also vary greatly.  The reward could simply be the experience (and new power gained thereby) or could be strange new abilities or magical items.  Once the King is returned there could still be more to do as well.  Where did he learn of the legend?  Was it planted for him to find by an enemy nation or by a rival within his own kingdom, hoping to usurp the throne in his absence?

I think lots of fun could be had working within the framework of this adventure hook, but what do you think?

#080 Oscar Rios and The Third Cthulhu Companion

Join us in this special mid-week release as we speak with Oscar Rios from Golden Goblin Press about Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion, a Call of Cthulhu accessory containing articles and adventure Scenarios.  The KickStarter for this book is going on now and Oscar talks to Danny about all of the articles and even gives us some exclusive hints at what to look for in the finished book.

Oscar has also graciously agreed to let us host a give-away of one of his previous campaign books, The Legacy of Arrius Lurco, that he will even sign!  To enter just leave us a comment below with your favorite character death story before midnight on May 25th and we will roll for and contact the winner by June 1st.

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Island of Ignorance – Cthulhu Companion

The Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game has long been the standard by which all horror RPG games are measured and has been emulated, converted and copied into many other systems and games.  The Golden Goblin Press is now working on a new companion for CoC entitled Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion.  The two previous Companions were released by Chaosium, the company that publishes the CoC game, in 1983 and 1985 so it has been a very long time in coming.

We here at the Goblin Beat are excited about this new Companion and not just because it is being created by another Goblin-Owned company, although our editor did say that is all that really matters.  The Companion is filled with four articles detailing interesting articles to help spice up your games and three scenarios to play within those games as well as pre-made investigators that can be used with any of the scenarios.IoIGirl

As with any good KickStarter there are also plenty of stretch goals to be reached.  The first goal, to increase the interior art, has already been reached and future goals include more filler for your Cthulhu PIE (did you see what I did there?) in the form of yet more articles and scenarios like Dweller in Darkness which will give information about the little known Great Old One Bugg-Shash.

As with any CoC supplement it is possible to bring the information, especially the articles, into any other Cthulhu themed game.  Games such as Realms of Cthulhu for Savage Worlds have rules for doing the conversions and others like Cthulhu Dark are simple enough that you could do the conversions for yourself.IslandOfIgnoranceCover

Check out this KickStarter and see for yourself if the stars are right to get in on what promises to be a very interesting addition to the Cthulhu roleplaying mythos.

Source: KickStarter

Terror in Thibodaux

Some weeks when I sit down to write out the new Adventure Hook I wrack my brain forever trying to come up with a good idea (which is the exact problem these articles are designed to help solve for you readers) and end up going part-way through two or three ideas before I find one I really like enough to publish.  This week however the idea seemed to just smack me in the face like the tentacle of a being of eldritch horror as it attempts to consume my thoughts and destroy my dreams.  I was flipping through the Savage Worlds rule book and came upon rules for radiation poisoning and how it causes fatigue and suddenly this idea burst forth.  Read on and enjoy Terror in Thibodaux.

Awakening in an office building the investigators have no short-term memory.  Sirens blare in the distance and all of the PCs are suffering from fatigue and a general malaise.  Getting their bearings by looking out windows and reading papers on desks allows the investigators to realize they are on the fifth floor of a building at the site of a Nuclear Power Plant in Thibodaux, LA.

Entering the lobby and/or the largest office on the floor they find a man in a suit sitting with his head in his hands.  He is unresponsive until touched, and then he attacks whomever touched him.  Almost all of the workers at the plant have turned into zombie servants of Glaaki.  A cult of Glaaki have helped their master take over the compound.  They plan to overheat the plant and cause an explosion which they hope will sink all of southern Louisiana under the Gulf, thereby giving their master a new domain to rule over.

At certain points in the adventure when the investigators need prior knowledge or equipment they go into a flashback.  During the short flashback they have a decision to make and based on the decision they may either remember something important for their survival or have a piece of equipment necessary for stopping the cult.

The investigators must now decide how to stop the cult, a task that could be further complicated by the fact that someone in their group could actually be a member of the cult of Glaaki!

As always please let me know what you think about this hook and how it works out if you use it.  I’m planning to use this one myself the next time we play Cthulhu PIE so I’ll be sure to link to that podcast when it comes out.

#067 Chris Birch talks Achtung! Cthulhu

In this episode Chris Birch from Modiphius Entertainment joins us to talk about their Achtung! Cthulhu KickStarter.  Listen in to find out more about the KickStarter as well as what to expect as the campaign continues.  He also announces a give-away where you can win a copy of both of the existing Achtung! Cthulhu adventure in your choice of Call of Cthulhu or Savage Worlds.

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#066 Savage Worlds Realms of Cthulhu – Blake Andrews Dies Episode 1

Join the guys from Paranormal Investigative Enterprises for another bone-chilling adventure. It has been several months since the events in Five Lanterns on Halloween, and now Blake Andrews and Dr. K are about to encounter the paranormal in their own backyard. Plus, there is a new, mysterious “bodyguard” for Blake, who might just have his own secret agenda.

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photo Tentacles Creepy Frog Death Tree Elder One Eye Grey Man Hyper Cube Eldritch


Achtung! Cthulhu KickStarter

If I were to make a list of the best things to possibly put into an RPG setting two things that would be way at the top are Cthulhu inspired horror and Nazis.  Achtung! Cthulhu wraps both of those into one neat package.  Modiphius, the company behind this KickStarter already has several World War II Cthulhu products including Heroes of the Sea and Three Kings, both of which we here at the Goblin Beat have been wanting to work into our achtungplay schedule.  All of the existing Achtung! Cthulhu products are available to play with Call of Cthulhu rules or with Savage Worlds using Realms of Cthulhu.  The KickStarter however is looking for £8,000 (Modiphius is based in the UK) to produce the Call of Cthulhu version of their new Investigator and Keeper guides, with the first stretch goal of £11,000 bringing the Savage Worlds version of the books into fruition.

Once fully backed the basic release will be the two guides mentioned above as PDFs as well as available soft cover copies of each book.  One of the later stretch goals will make these hard cover books and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a later goal turn the black and white books into full color, depending upon how well the project ends up being backed.  The only other stretch goal currently visible is an Eastern Front Guide but other things that have so far been hinted at include other front guides as well as adventures.  There is also plenty of room for some interesting add-ons.  I would like to see some custom wild dice and possibly even a deck of cards.  If the cover art is any indication these could be some very beautiful books. The Noir feel of the Investigator Guide is particularly well done.  There is still a lot of time left (48 days as of this post) but don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out.


#063 Savage Worlds Realms of Cthulhu – Midnight Harvest ReCap

Danny, Chris and Matt sit down to discuss their thoughts on the recent Midnight Harvest adventure and then upgrade their characters for more adventuring! Fun times!

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