Apocalypse Prevention Inc. for Savage Worlds

Third Eye Games released their API Savage Worlds Edition yesterday, a source book that has everything you need to “become agents and project the Earth” from monsters, demons and other supernatural threats.  Reading over the description I’m reminded of HellBoy in a very good way.  There are 12 playable races including humans, vampiric Taylari and wolf people along with systems for magic and cybernetics and what they promise is a “host of new Edges and Hindrances, including new Martial Arts Edges”.

The PDF is only $9 which sounds like a bargain.  What do you think?

 Source: peginc.com

Like Angry Birds? Like Star Wars? Maybe You Will Like Them Together.

Not since the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, have we seen a mash-up of such an extraordinary magnitude as this; that rights, ladies and gents, the Angry Birds have taken over the Star Wars universe, and now things will never be the same. As you can probably guess, the heroes of the Star Wars saga will be portrayed by our favorite avian hotheads, while the dark side will be porking it up. Dark Snout? Emperor Porkatine? The fun times could go on and on.

There will, of course, be a crap-ton of toys and other merchandising to go along with this strange mash-up.

You can go HERE to find out more about the game, or HERE to see some previews of the toys that, quite honestly, I would not mind getting my hands on. It is times like this I wish I had kids so I could buy them things and them monopolize them.

Deadlands Noir Heating Up

Fans of the Savage Worlds RPG will no doubt be familiar with Deadlands, perhaps the most popular SW setting.  Deadlands Noir is set to release next month and the first Dime Novel created thanks to the KickStarter, Tenement Men, is now available.  The catch here is that it is currently only available to backers, but once the full release occurs in November everyone can get their hands on it.  Can’t wait till then to get your Noir on?  Go to the Pinnacle website for more information and check out the YouTube teaser below, that should help get you through those long dark and lonely nights as you wait for  your chance to be a 1930’s detective in the Big Easy!


James O’Barr at the Helm of “The Crow” Once Again!

There were a few years, early on in high school, when I was completely obsessed with The Crow. The movie had just come out with its stellar performance by Brandon Lee, whose unfortunate death during the making of the movie only seemed to make the dark and gritty world The Crow inhabited that much more real. Like any good fanboy, I felt compelled to get my hands on the source material, so I went out and bought The Crow graphic novel. I then proceeded to read it until it, quite literally, fell apart in my hands. So, when I heard today that O’Barr is coming back to The Crow universe after a long absence, I was pretty excited by the prospect of some new material to obsess over. O’Barr is going to be heading up a new, three-issue mini-series featuring the Crow persona in a World War II concentration camp. The series is titled, The Crow: Skinning the Wolves. The Crow versus Nazis? Yes, please.

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New DnD Next Playtest Out

Wizards of the Coast continues to deliver on their promise of making the development of the next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons as transparent as possible with this latest release of DnD Next platest materials.  Among other things it promises “magic items, some updated monsters, and a revised version of Caves of Chaos” which all sounds good to us!  

Wizards also reminds us to keep up with the Legends & Lore column on the main D&D site for weekly updates on how this new version of the game is progressing.

Check it out and let us know how you like DnD next so far.

Goblins Take Over Crimson Bastards!

It is my sad *Ow!* I mean very happy honor to announce that the Crimson Bastards website has been recently taken over by goblins.  They are settling in nicely and are eating all of our food, taking our offices and generally making us all crazy…uh I mean happy, very happy.  Things will run much better with the goblins here watching every word we type.  They aren’t at all creepy and it was completely not their fault that Matt’s favorite stuffed Dalek got mutilated when it fell on their knives fourteen times.  That was a complete accident.

The one big change our new overlords, I mean editors, have insisted on is to our name.  Instead of being known as The Crimson Bastards we’ll now be The Goblin Beata reputable news, review and podcast site not at all lorded over by tyrannical goblin overlords, or just The Goblin Beat for short.  Our website will also be changing to http://goblinbeat.com but going to crimsonbastards.com will simply forward you to the new site so no worries there.

We are all super excited to have the goblins here making sure everything goes smoothly because everything was crap before they got here and now it will be so much better.  Apparently that was a bit too thick as my favorite star wars figurine just lost his head.  I think I’ll stop now and see if anything is left in our fridge.

Remember GoblinBeat.com and let us know what you think of the new name!

KickStarter: Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

Well D&D has finally made it!  Once they make a documentary about something you know it’s a big deal and now the good folks at Iconoscope Films/Westpaw Films are doing just that for Dungeons and Dragons.  There are still four days to back this and they are currently at over $120k of the needed $150k to finish the film.  So if you want to see the story behind the creation of one of the  most influential games of all time head on over to KickStarter and put your money where your dice are.

The Crimson Bastards Invade the Sword & Laser Podcast at Dragon*Con!

While at Dragon*Con, one of the Bastards (Matt, to be specific) stumbled upon a live podcast recording for Sword & Laser where R.A. Salvatore was being interviewed. He could not resist the chance to ask one of his idols another question, and just happen to plug our website at the same time. Dastardly? Perhaps. Worth it? Definitely.

Go here for the recording. You should listen to the entire podcast because Bob Salvatore is a really nice, insightful guy. If you want to hear Matt’s question, it is at 52:36! Take that podcast that is much more popular than our own!

You can also go HERE for the Crimson Bastard’s interview with Bob Salvatore!