Post GenCon Blues

It was a crazy four days at GenCon this year, the first for the three members of the Goblin Beat that attended, but it was also a blast.  This being our first GenCon we made sure to way over book ourselves on games for the weekend, which meant that we ended up leaving several games with empty seats so that lucky players with generic tickets could play.  In fact we missed both of the Deadlands Noir games we signed up for though we did pick up a copy of the hardbound book so we’ll be able to play that for a podcast at some point in the future.  Buying the book itself was an interesting experience since we were in line with Wil Wheaton who was also buying some Savage Worlds supplies.  It was very cool that he came to GenCon this year for the sole purpose of playing games, I’m sure he had as much fun as we did.

Friday was by far our busiest day and we played two adventures in the official D&D playtest area using the newest revision of the D&D Next rules.  The first adventure had us working to help repel an invasion at Candlekeep.  The interesting thing about this adventure was that all of the people playing at the time were grouped into ‘pods’ with several tables comprising a single pod.  Each table had their own DM who gave us our objectives but the entire pod had to work together to succeed.  The end of the adventure had each group of adventurers defending a separate tower while a ritual was performed.  Monsters bombarded each tower and a great Blue danny_shaintarDragon flew between tables at random.  He would attack one tower for several rounds before moving on to the next table.  Although we defended our own tower successfully and Terry even followed the dragon when it left our table (and dealt the killing blow himself!), enough of the other tables fell that the ritual itself failed and we were unable to save Candlekeep!  Hopefully other groups had a better time of it.

We all sat in on a game set in Shaintar and ran by the creator Sean Patrick Fannon.  Danny won the award for most entertaining player thanks in large part to Blarg, his Ogre warrior character and his patented ‘throwing arbalest’.  For those of you unfamiliar Shaintar is an epic fantasy setting from Evil Beagle games that uses the Savage Worlds rule set.  There is a wealth of back story and several great source books that will give you all you need to know to play games within the world.


Saturday was a special treat for Matt and Danny as they sat down with Joanna Gaskell and Edwin Perez from the Standard Action Web Series to play-test part of an upcoming Pathfinder adventure which tells part of the Standard Action story using the actual characters from the show.  Danny played Edda, Joanna played Wendy, Edwin played Fernando (his character from the show), and Matt played Martin which meant he was also able to hold Snuffle’s character sheet and attempt to control him.  Kevin Mickelson is writing the adventure and he also ran the game.  The two encounters we played through were extremely well done and the characters really feel like the ones from the show.  We will be sure to let you know when the adventure is published and we will do an actual play podcast of ourselves running it at the first opportunity.  Two of the best moments in the game were Matt having Martin create a flaming sphere which he sent off into the forest once the battle was over and Edwin creating a dancing Fernando in the middle of the road to distract the monsters.

The entirety of Saturday night and a good bit of Sunday morning was spent playing games from the Gaming Library.  We played through several games, a few of which we determined to purchase, and had a great time.  If you haven’t played them we would recommend Carcassonne, Pandemic, Smash Up and Descent from among the games we played that night.  Each of them was fun and very different in play style.

On Sunday (and in large part thanks to the folks from Standard Action) we met up with the guys from Crit Success who were showing off one of the best gaming inventions ever, dice rings.  We will do a full review of these nifty products soon but in the meantime if you do not know what they are you should probably go ahead and check them out.

We did many other things at GenCon and we had a great time.  Below are a few more pictures from the crazy times we had.  Enjoy and let us know what you think.  Did you go to GenCon?  Did we see you there?

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Heading to GenCon

You may have noticed that things have gotten quiet here on the Goblin Beat for the past week or two.  This is due in part to preparations for our upcoming trip to GenCon.  If you will be there as well look for and say ‘hi’ to the guys in the Goblin Beat t-shirts.  We’d love to hear from you and if you tell us you are fans of the site and/or the podcast we might even have a few goodies to give away!  We will be doing a few interviews and reporting on what we see and do at the Con either during or after this weekend.  We’ll also be playing a good number of games so if you’d like to sit down and play a game with us let us know and we’ll try to make it happen!  We can either get you in on a game we are already playing or maybe even setup a whole new game.

After GenCon things should get back to normal but until then we hope to see you in Indianapolis!

A new Standard in Web Comics

Remember the Standard Action KickStarter we told you about not too long ago?  Or perhaps you remember Matt and Danny speaking with Joanna and Rob about it during a podcast episode?  One of the many great things coming from the Standard Action folks is a new web comic in which some of the backers from the KickStarter will actually be featured!  The comic will become a reality this Friday July   5th when the first three pages are released to the public.  After that the plan is to release a new comic on a Monday/Thursday schedule.  The comic promises to expand on characters that show up briefly within the show and to explain how they “­fit into the greater world that is the Standard Action land of Redstork”.  We can also look forward to finding out how those cannibal halflings managed to put a severe beat-down on the PCs as well many other stories.

The comic is produced by Thunder Frog Studios and will be viewable on the Standard Action website.

What do you think about the Standard Action Webcomic?  Let us know in the comments below.


KickStarting: Heroes of Normandie

Fans of tabletop war games should get the warm-fuzzies when they see Heroes of Normandie from Paris based Devil Pig Games.  Heroes is a cross between an army building tabletop war game and a board game set in the summer of 1944 and as you probably guessed from the name, based on World War II.  The base game ships with numerous scenarios that you and a friend, or hated enemy you wish to crush, can use to setup your battles and fight one another.  Each side controls a platoon of soldiers, trucks, tanks and artillery in an attempt to decimate the other side and complete objectives.

Produced in Europe, the game isn’t exactly cheap to get a copy of the game if you live in the US, coming in at around $100 for the basic game, but if you are a fan of these types of games it could be well worth it to get a fun tabletop game from a proven company.  As added incentive, heroes_norm_demohref=””>Modiphius Entertainment who are still running their own KickStarter have partnered with Devil Pig Games with a stretch goal.  If this KickStarter reaches £47,500 they will add an Achtung! Cthulhu themed set of tiles and punch boards as a KickStarter only exclusive!

The Snark: DST

As I find myself unable to sleep at night or awaken promptly in the morning one full week after the change to daylight savings time, I have to question why we as a people put ourselves through this crap. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to smash your $800 phone because it sounds an alarm in the morning when you and everyone else with a brain in their head knows it is not time to be getting up. In fact the only thing that comes close is lying down and staring at the ceiling at “bedtime” because the only people that went to bed at that hour just a week before were 12 year-olds who have to get up for school the next day. Now I get that in the dark ages before we had artificial light in pretty much every home and place of gainful employment that the rising and setting of the sun is what dictated when humanity got things accomplished. In our modern age however, moving the clocks forward so that the sun can shine in my eyes during my drive to work instead of rising before I leave is just an annoyance.

One of the arguments for daylight savings time is that it’s supposed to help conserve energy, but I have to wonder who uses less energy an hour earlier in the day? In my case, the shower has to run longer while I stand there trying to knock the cobwebs away. That’s extra water lost in addition to the energy burned to heat it and pump it up to the bathroom.  And during this time the artificial lights burn while that precious sunlight we are killing ourselves for is blocked out by closed windows and drawn shades. I would love to hear one good case for how this annoying practice helps even one person anywhere in these United States of America.Angry clock

When I was a child, I used to like the “Fall back” portion of daylight savings time. I felt like I was getting to sleep in every day until my body readjusted and I felt rested because of that extra hour of sleep. As an adult, I look back on this and pity myself for not realizing I was gaining nothing.  Rather, I simply got to set my clock back to the time it was supposed to be if we did not have daylight savings time to start with. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot so you can feel good when you can walk on it again, but all the while you did it to yourself.

There are other countries out there that have implemented daylight savings time and since quit the practice. I think it is high time America took a good look at why it still observes DST. What claims can be made in its favor and are supported by actual data? Why should our regular measurement of time which serves only to mark a full rotation of the earth on its axis along with a full revolution of the earth around the sun ever change? Especially just so we can change how we experience the rising and setting of the sun? Sunrise and sunset change every day any way.  If it mattered that much, we should change our clocks every day too so we can have every precious second of daylight that we pretend we need.

I would say F daylight savings time… but clearly, it has already F’ed me.

Achtung! Cthulhu KickStarter Gets Ice Cold

If you haven’t heard about this KickStarter yet either through other posts or podcast episodes then you really haven’t been paying attention. Achtung! Cthulhu mixes two delicious ingredients, namely Cthulhu and Nazis, in a World War II Call of Cthulhu/Savage Worlds campaign. As you would expect with such a great idea the KickStarter is going swimmingly, so well in fact that some of the stretch goals are getting pretty amazing. Right now they are in the midst of unlocking an ‘At the Mountains of Madness‘ adventure which is sure to chill the blood.

With this “Modiphius plans to create a stunning full colour 248 page hardback if the goals are met. Assault on the Mountains of Madness builds on the legacy of HP Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness and promises to reveal more of the continent (than the hapless investigators are likely to want), along with a treasure trove of cool accessories to bring the world to life.” If you have ever read Lovecraft’s book then you are most likely already excited beyond words. If you haven’t read it you should give it a shot. It’s a short book and one of Lovecraft’s very best works.

The art for this book also looks great (as seen below) and up to the usual production standards of Modiphius as seen in their Zero Point campaign. Head over to the KickStarter page for more information on this adventure and the general setting.mount1

“It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth’s dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be left alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests.” ― H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness.

#068 Interface Zero 2.0 Interview with Dave Viars and Stan!

The Goblin Beat Crew brings you another fresh, hot-off-the-press interview, this time with Dave Viars, Line Developer of Interface Zero 2.0, and Stan! Brown, the forthcoming author of the Japan sourcebook for newest iteration of Interface Zero. So, sit back, chillax, and enjoy some cyberpunk fanboy talk!

Please consider giving us a 5-star review on iTunes as well as subscribing to our podcast as those two things help our ratings more than anything else. Thanks for listening and as always please send gaming questions and comments to and we will possibly answer them on the air!


Achtung! Cthulhu Give Away

As mentioned in our recent podcast we are running an Achtung! Cthulhu Give Away!  All you need to do is leave a comment below saying how much you’d love to get in on the World War 2 meets Cthulhu action and you will be entered into the drawing for a free PDF copy of Three Kings and Heroes of the Sea from Modiphius Entertainment.  You can choose between the Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds version of each adventure.

Matt also requests that you include your favorite color in your entry…not sure why but he probably has a reason.

The contest is open to all legally aged residents of their respective countries.  The winner will be chosen at random from all entries present as of midnight Eastern Standard Time February 27, 2013 and notified within two weeks.  Duplicate entries will be removed.  Some restrictions may apply.

Thanks to Chris and Modiphius Entertainment for sponsoring this Give-Away and be sure to check out their KickStarter for even more Nazis and Old Ones!

 Update – A winner has been chosen!

Achtung! Cthulhu KickStarter

If I were to make a list of the best things to possibly put into an RPG setting two things that would be way at the top are Cthulhu inspired horror and Nazis.  Achtung! Cthulhu wraps both of those into one neat package.  Modiphius, the company behind this KickStarter already has several World War II Cthulhu products including Heroes of the Sea and Three Kings, both of which we here at the Goblin Beat have been wanting to work into our achtungplay schedule.  All of the existing Achtung! Cthulhu products are available to play with Call of Cthulhu rules or with Savage Worlds using Realms of Cthulhu.  The KickStarter however is looking for £8,000 (Modiphius is based in the UK) to produce the Call of Cthulhu version of their new Investigator and Keeper guides, with the first stretch goal of £11,000 bringing the Savage Worlds version of the books into fruition.

Once fully backed the basic release will be the two guides mentioned above as PDFs as well as available soft cover copies of each book.  One of the later stretch goals will make these hard cover books and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a later goal turn the black and white books into full color, depending upon how well the project ends up being backed.  The only other stretch goal currently visible is an Eastern Front Guide but other things that have so far been hinted at include other front guides as well as adventures.  There is also plenty of room for some interesting add-ons.  I would like to see some custom wild dice and possibly even a deck of cards.  If the cover art is any indication these could be some very beautiful books. The Noir feel of the Investigator Guide is particularly well done.  There is still a lot of time left (48 days as of this post) but don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out.


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