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We are giving away a dice tray from Metallic Dice Games to our Patrons on Patreon!

To win you just need to be a Patron at the $1 or greater level on March 31st so that you are counted for the month. We’ll be randomly selecting a winner once all patrons are verified for the month. To be eligible you must also live in a location where the tray can be shipped either by Amazon or Metallic Dice Games themselves so double check that if you aren’t certain (pretty much all US and UK locations are good but I’m not sure about others). The winner will be able to select their choice of available colors and we’ll ship it straight to you!

Want to know more about the dice trays? Check out our review of them.

Standard Action Season 3!

The release date for Standard Action Season 3 has been announced!  On November 18th the official public release of the KickStarter backed third season of Standard Action will finally be available!  No more sitting at home playing with kobold puppets and pretending Fernando and Edda are there with you.  Now you’ll be able to see the real thing once again with a whole new season unleashed upon the web.  Well, I guess you’ll still be able to play with your kobold puppets, but the point is you can now do it while you watch Season 3 of Standard Action!  Best of all if you are a backer you will be getting early access to all of the episodes.

You can go to for more information about this great web series.  You can also listen to our podcast with Rob and Joanna about the show and the KickStarter from last year.  Last but not least you can read the full contents of the press release below.

Press Release:

Standard Action has a release date for Season 3… and it’s November 18th, 2014!

Back in 2013, the award-winning fantasy-comedy webseries Standard Action blew their Season 3 Kickstarter out of the water. They tripled their funding goal, and promised to deliver six episodes to continue the story of Edda, Wendy, Martin and Fernando as they delved deeper into the plot threatening their homeland.

Earlier this year, they followed up their success by sweeping LAWebfest, picking up awards for Sound Design, Score, Cinematography and Direction. Then in July, they leaked that they will, in fact, be releasing an even BIGGER season, with more episodes than expected!

As promised during their fundraising campaign, those who supported the show during the Kickstarter will be getting access to Season 3 episodes before the rest of the world. For the rest of us, November 18th is the day!

Check out Standard Action’s first two seasons at


Catan: Ancient Egypt

That’s right Mayfair Games is releasing Catan: Ancient Egypt this November.  This isn’t just a re-skinning of regular Catan either, Klaus Teuber himself has reworked the original game to give it a distinctive Egyptian flavor in the Ancient Egypt collector’s edition.  You build settlements still but your cities are now Temple Cities and there are extra contents for Egyptian themed scenarios including papyrus boats, pyramid blocks, god cards and more.

Catan: Ancient Egypt retails for $75 and appears to be a very nice set, especially if you are interested in ancient Egypt.  The fact that this is a collectors set and comes with somewhere around ninety extra game pieces and cards for the special Egypt themed variants and scenarios also help to make this very tempting indeed.

Achtung! Cthulhu: The Movie

That is not a typo above, Achtung! Cthulhu is making a movie!  Modiphius Entertainment, the folks that brought us the great Call of Cthulhu / Savage Worlds (along with Realms of Cthulhu of course) World War II setting are now going to make a movie based on that same setting!  They have already hired Dirk Vandereyken to pen the script and have tagged Raine McCormack to handle directing duties.  Both Dirk and Raine seem very excited to work on this project and I’m sure all of the Cthulhu lovers out there would love to see a great original movie that leverages the rich backdrop of the Mythos.

The movie is currently titled Achtung! Cthulhu – The Secret War and is set to begin shooting in Summer of 2015 with a possible KickStarter in the Spring to help fund the film if necessary.

For those of you unfamiliar with Achtung! Chtulhu here is the setting description from the press release:

The Achtung! Cthulhu setting uses the writings of H.P. Lovecraft – arguably the most influential horror author ever – and the events unfolding just before and during World War II as source material to unveil the horrific secret history of what was actually going on behind the scenes. It presents a nightmarish alliance of science and the occult, frightening inhuman conspiracies from the depths of time and unbelievable war machines created just as much by the infernal ovens of the German factories as by dark incantations chanted by a select group of immoral, Cthulhu-worshiping Nazi researchers. It also features the heroes of the time, flawed but courageous human beings making a stand in the idle hope of postponing the inevitable demise of humankind foretold in antediluvian manuscripts tucked away in hidden corners of the world’s greatest museums.

Many of the characters, villains and creatures in the film are drawn from the pages and inspirational graphic art of the critically acclaimedAchtung! Cthulhu books and will also be making an appearance in Dark Tales, an anthology of short stories set in the same universe, whilst Modiphius has just launched a large range of collectible miniatures based on the universe. 

You can check out the full press release here and we will be sure to keep you up to date on any further news regarding the movie.

2014 ENnie Awards Nominees

This year’s ENnie Awards Nominees have been announced and boy are there a lot of good RPG products out there!  Many of the nominees have been featured here on the Goblin Beat and some of them even used in podcasts.  Several of them are also sitting on the shelf waiting their turn to be used in a few gaming sessions.

I encourage you to check out all of the nominees and see what is out there that you might have missed but might love.  The one thing I found in the list that I Cover_tremulusreally want to get my hands on is tremulus, a game released this past year by Reality Blurs, the same folks that brought Cthulhu to Savage Worlds with Realms of Cthulhu, the hardcover copy of which is still one of my favorite source books.  tremulus follows in a similar vein being subtitled “a storytelling game of lovecraftian horror” and promising good horror roleplaying within an easy to learn system that requires only two six-sided dice to play.  Like I mentioned above I already have several other games awaiting their turn at the table but this one might end up being shunted to the front of the queue.

Speaking of games awaiting their turn at the gaming table Deadlands Noir from Pinnacle has several nods including Best Art and Best Cartography.  The hardcover of that book is also beautiful and I’m hoping to get to play in a game soon (maybe even talk someone else into running it!).  Pinnacle has other products on the list as well including a Judge’s Spotlight winner for Weird Wars Rome which we have used for a series of podcasts here on the site.

Fate Core and their extras have also been used for our podcasts and got several nods of their own including one for the Fate Dice line, which have been a great hit around our table, so it’s good to see them get recognized as well.

One product getting a lot of nominations which we have talked a lot about but haven’t actually done anything with yet is Numenera, the game system and world from Monte Cook.  Starting with a mega-KickStarter this game has really come on the scene in a big way over the past year and I’m sure it will continue to grow and hopefully we here at the Goblin Beat will get a chance to try it out at some point.

Overall this year’s list of ENnie nominees would be a great shopping list for any RPG lover and I encourage you to go through the list and let us know if there’s anything on there that deserves a shout-out that we failed to mention.

The Goblin Beat, Now on Youtube…Sortof

In our goblin overlords’ never ending quest for media domination they have now created a Youtube channel for us to use in entertaining you.  We are going to start live-broadcasting our playing sessions via Google Hangouts and the videos will then be available afterwards (sometimes with some amount of editing) to watch whenever you like.  We’ll also be pulling the audio out and using it for our podcasts so you’ll still be able to listen via your favorite podcast app.

The big news is that you can actually tune in while we are playing, ask us questions, give comments or just plain old heckle us.  We already follow a fairly regular recording schedule of Tuesdays at 8PM Eastern time so we will use that for our live broadcasts as well.  Our first video, which consists of us attempting to decide on what characters to play in our upcoming D&D Next adventure before my laptop dies, is up now and there will be many more to come.  Let us know what you think and visit our channel at and watch our antics as well as listen to them.



Con Nooga This Weekend

We’ll be playing games all afternoon/evening this Saturday at Con Nooga in Chattanooga Tennessee including sitting in on Savage Saturday Night with Clint and Jodi Black.  Come by and play some Savage Worlds in the evening or look for us earlier in the day as we play Fiasco, Call of Cthulhu and Zombicide to record for upcoming podcasts.  If you’ll be there let us know on twitter @TheGoblinBeat and maybe you can sit in on a recording with us and be on an upcoming podcast.

Shadow Island Released!

Big news on the Goblin Beat this week is that our first Savage Worlds adventure, Shadow Island, released today.  This adventure was written for Dragon Con last year and where several tables full of wonderful players went through the adventure and helped us to tweak and finalize the adventure.  You can also listen to our last play test as a podcast as well if you are interested but want to get a taste of the adventure before buying it.  We had a great time creating and playing through this adventure and our hope is that you have just as much fun playing it yourselves.  We welcome any feedback and if things go well we will certainly look into creating more adventures in the future.

From the Back Cover:


For over thirty years, the coastal village of Glencrest has harbored a dark secret: it’s an island of darkness and shadow inhabited by the undead and ruled by a pair of dark wizards. Brothers, these two wizards built an estate upon the island in which to work their foul magics of necromancy and shadow. Now, fate brings a small band of brave adventurers to Glencrest and raises hope in some of the townsfolk that things may finally change. The fate of Glencrest is up to the heroes as they explore Shadow Island.

DnD Next Class Groups

Let me start this article by saying I’m a fan of D&D Next.  I like what the design team has done so far by bringing the game back to its roots and making it feel like true D&D once again.  I can tell they all have a passion for the game and want to make it the best it can be which makes me excited to play the full version once released.  With that said I read the Legends & Lore : Class Groups article from earlier this week by Mike Mearls today and almost threw up all over my screen.  I attempted to put a comment on the page there but with the internet being what it is today I got the following message when trying to save the comment, “The text in your comment does not pass validation. Ensure that all of the approved tags are properly closed.” which tells me as a developer myself that “something ain’t right”.

In any case please read the article first and then feel free to read my comments below:

First I think there is a typo in the article where you mention mage being elevated to a d4, I’m pretty sure you meant d6.


Second I don’t agree with that at all. Mage should be d4, rogue d6, cleric d8, fighter d10, barbarian d12 etc. It works fine, it’s Iconic to D&D and there’s no reason to mess with it.


Third why would you restructure your entire class system just to make the magic user classes fit? Magic is special, it’s freagin magic, it doesn’t have to fit in a category.


Why would you change multiple other classes just to make them fit into a category system you created for magic users? That doesn’t make any sense at all. If you want to have feats, items etc. that work the same for different arcane spellcasters just say “Usable by Arcane Spellcasters”. Although I think you are getting far afield from your original statements about magic items being unique, special and interesting with such attempts.


If you have to create groupings I like the ones by “drowsword” although I think he has Barbarian and Fighter swapped role-wise. Ideally though you just drop the idea of needing categories. Each class should be unique, iconic, and excel at its own abilities. Don’t start mucking them up just to make them fit into particular niches.

The comment from Drowsword was posted with a timestamp of 10/2/2013 3:40:55 PM which will hopefully help you find it.  Generally the comments so far have been similar to my own feelings so there is definitely hope that this class grouping thing will be tossed out but you never know.  What do you think about it?

Critical Success, Indeed: CritSuccess Spinning Dice Ring Review

Empty out your dice bag. Take out all of the six-sided dice and look at what you have left. Mostly D20’s, right? Those icosagons take up a lot of room, am I right? Okay, put your dice away before someone steps on those caltrop-like D4s. So what the solution to your over abundance of twenty-sided buddies? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Dice Ring by CritSuccess.

Now, my clever little introduction was limited to the twenty-sided version of the ring, but the folks over at CritSuccess have more options than that? There are rings for the D4 all the way up to the D100. Play the Fate System? There is a Fudge Dice ring as well. There is also a ring you can use as a life counter and a ring that has a complete deck of cards on it. There are more rings than that. You can check out the complete line of rings available HERE.

When Danny and I were at GenCon, we started to notice a lot of people walking around with spinning rings. While gaming with the folks from Standard Action – second place winners in the Series category at GenCon Film Fest 2013 – we finally had to satisfy our curiosity. Come to find out the guys from CritSuccess had a booth set up in the massive Exhibitors Hall and we selling all types of spinning dice ring.

We headed to the Standard Action Booth and met up with Aaron and Sam who ran the KickStarter that funded the CritSuccess spinning rings. Sam demonstrated how to wear the ring on our left index finger and spin the ring using our thumbs; he also helped us find the right sized rings. Then, we headed over and geeked out over the rings with Aaron Laniewicz. After chatting and taking some silly pictures, Danny and I each walked away with a D20 ring. Danny chose the blue ring and I took a classic gold ring.

It has been a week and, although I have not had a chance to game with the ring yet, I have been wearing mine most every day to try and evaluate the ring. As a piece of jewelry, the ring is pretty cool for the mere fact that it shows the whole world that you are a gaming nerd if you choose to point out what kind of ring you are wearing. Otherwise, if you are wearing the more classic colors, like gold, you can probably get away with wearing the ring and no one being the wiser to your nerdy ways. The only downside, as just jewelry, is the rattle sound that you get from most any spinner ring; it is no big deal and I stopped noticing it after a few hours.

As a gaming implement, I have noticed just a few potential issues. First, it is pretty difficult to spin the ring hard enough to get a full revolution. That means that you might be more limited in the potential outcome than you would be by rolling a die.


The first thing you want to do when you get your rings is to wash them in warm soapy water. The rings have dust and debris in them from the manufacturing process, which just needs cleaned out.

I find it best to make a big bowl of soapy water, and submerge the rings completely. While they are underwater, grip the spinning bands and push them hard against the inside band while turning. You’ll want to apply a good amount of pressure. The idea is to try to use the outer bands to grind/polish the inner grooves. Then rinse thoroughly. Some rings may need more work than others, and you’ll want to keep at it until it feels completely smooth on all sides. Use dish soap for the best results, since it does not leave a residue.

Once a ring is cleaned out appropriately, it will spin AMAZINGLY!

Another small issue is that the two small arrows on the outside of the ring do not always indicate a clear roll. About 1/3 of the time, I have to do a “re-spin” because the arrows are pointing at the line in between two numbers.


As a rule, if the ring lands on a line, the result is the face above the line. You should never have to reroll. As long as you consistently declare the result the face above the line, the statistics are reliable and accurate.

I have not had the ring long enough to make a clear comment on  durability. So far, there does not appear to be any visible wear after a week of use.

There are definitely positive points to the ring. If you were it everyday, then you will never be caught in an impromptu gaming situation with having a D20 (or whatever ring you are wearing) handy. The cool factor you get the first time your friends see you spin a ring instead of roll a die is definitely worth the price of admission in and of itself. One last note, be prepared to get a little callous on the side of your thumb if your spin the ring a lot. I have been spinning this thing like crazy just as a nervous tick and I can feel a callous forming already.

Final Word: The Dice Ring is worth getting just for the cool / nerd factor alone. If you use it for gaming, great; if not, it still makes a nice piece of jewelry to show the world you are a gamer. I suggest all GMs get their players one of these rings for Christmas!

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