KickStarting: Standard Action Season 3

In recent years there has been steady growth in the area of quality Gaming related Web Series.  Shows such as The Guild have really helped to bring this phenomenon to the fore of public awareness and helped other shows get more traction and viewership.  Now one such show, Standard Action, is looking to KickStarter to help fund their third season.  The initial ask for this KickStarter is $12,000 to help them produce two 10 minute episodes for season three.  If they are able to get more money then they will expand the season to more and more episodes as well as fun extras for backers such as motivational posters.

What is great about a KickStarter like this where the main goal is to continue a project or a show is that there is already a wealth of existing material to look over.  If you haven’t heard of or seen this show yet I would encourage you to go give it a try now.  The characters are funny, quirky and above all relatable.  And who doesn’t love a female elven barbarian or a half-halfling bard?sa_motivation

The Standard Action brand is also expanding beyond its web series roots to create a card game and a comic book series, both of which can be obtained by backing the KickStarter.  If you are interested you can even back at a level where you can have a character in the card game or comic as well as getting a copy!  There are also fun rewards such as getting a personalized sound clip from one of the cast to use for your ring tone or what-have-you or even a short video clip to wow your friends.  If you are a fan of the show there are also add-ons that let you get DVD copies of season 1 and season 2.  Each DVD is a $20 add-on or you can opt for the $25 special edition which includes commentaries, outtakes and behind the scenes videos.

It’s fun to see a well thought out KickStarter take shape and it looks like many hours went into this one before it was released to the public.  So go check out the KickStarter, watch the first 2 seasons of the show, and decide for yourself if this is something that deserves a third season.  I think you’ll agree that it does and hopefully you’ll decide to help make it happen.

KickStarting: Heroes of Normandie

Fans of tabletop war games should get the warm-fuzzies when they see Heroes of Normandie from Paris based Devil Pig Games.  Heroes is a cross between an army building tabletop war game and a board game set in the summer of 1944 and as you probably guessed from the name, based on World War II.  The base game ships with numerous scenarios that you and a friend, or hated enemy you wish to crush, can use to setup your battles and fight one another.  Each side controls a platoon of soldiers, trucks, tanks and artillery in an attempt to decimate the other side and complete objectives.

Produced in Europe, the game isn’t exactly cheap to get a copy of the game if you live in the US, coming in at around $100 for the basic game, but if you are a fan of these types of games it could be well worth it to get a fun tabletop game from a proven company.  As added incentive, heroes_norm_demohref=””>Modiphius Entertainment who are still running their own KickStarter have partnered with Devil Pig Games with a stretch goal.  If this KickStarter reaches £47,500 they will add an Achtung! Cthulhu themed set of tiles and punch boards as a KickStarter only exclusive!