Standard Action Season 3!

The release date for Standard Action Season 3 has been announced!  On November 18th the official public release of the KickStarter backed third season of Standard Action will finally be available!  No more sitting at home playing with kobold puppets and pretending Fernando and Edda are there with you.  Now you’ll be able to see the real thing once again with a whole new season unleashed upon the web.  Well, I guess you’ll still be able to play with your kobold puppets, but the point is you can now do it while you watch Season 3 of Standard Action!  Best of all if you are a backer you will be getting early access to all of the episodes.

You can go to for more information about this great web series.  You can also listen to our podcast with Rob and Joanna about the show and the KickStarter from last year.  Last but not least you can read the full contents of the press release below.

Press Release:

Standard Action has a release date for Season 3… and it’s November 18th, 2014!

Back in 2013, the award-winning fantasy-comedy webseries Standard Action blew their Season 3 Kickstarter out of the water. They tripled their funding goal, and promised to deliver six episodes to continue the story of Edda, Wendy, Martin and Fernando as they delved deeper into the plot threatening their homeland.

Earlier this year, they followed up their success by sweeping LAWebfest, picking up awards for Sound Design, Score, Cinematography and Direction. Then in July, they leaked that they will, in fact, be releasing an even BIGGER season, with more episodes than expected!

As promised during their fundraising campaign, those who supported the show during the Kickstarter will be getting access to Season 3 episodes before the rest of the world. For the rest of us, November 18th is the day!

Check out Standard Action’s first two seasons at


Flat Plastic Miniatures

This is a case where the name pretty much says it all.  Flat Plastic Miniatures (FPM) is a KickStarter to make, well, flat plastic miniatures for tabletop roleplaying games.  There is also a digital reward that allows you to get versions of the minis to use in the virtual tabletop of your choice though so maybe the name doesn’t quite say it all, but it’s close.  Twenty-five dollars (US) gets you any set of 62 miniatures of your choice along with a panel of bases to stand them up on the table.  You can of course double your order for $50 but things get interesting if you pledge $75.  At that point you get all five of the core sets of FPM along with the two sets of bases.  That is over 300 plastic miniatures and around 60 bases for the cost of three or four boxes of random miniatures from anywhere else, and that’s with shipping included (domestically at least, it will cost an additional $20 for international shipping).fpm_tabletop

The samples shown on the KickStarter page should be enough to give you an idea of the type of quality to expect from these minis.  They are printed on clear plastic with the character’s front on one side and a separate image showing the back of the mini on the reverse side, so facing is easy to distinguish in games where this makes a difference.  The variety in the core five sets is fairly impressive as well.  There are five sets: The Grove (elves and woodland creatures), Ancient Evils (Necromancers, zombies, eldritch horrors etc), Mankind (actual people), Wild Lands (goblins, orcs, barbarians etc), and The Underground (dwarves, drow, beholders and more).  As you can tell the basic sets are highly geared towards fantasy games which makes sense considering how dominate fantasy RPGs are within the genre.

fpm_evilThe KickStarter is already well past being funded with 30 days still to go as of the posting of this article and as more Stretch Goals are unlocked more interesting miniatures are made available including legendary creatures and additional add-on sets.  So far a pack of Super heroes and villains has been unlocked ($25 add-on) as well as a Monster Mansion pack that can be used with the board game of the same name which is currently on KickStarter with 15 days remaining.

I’m personally holding out hope for a set of modern man minis that can be used in Call of Cthulhu games and the like, but that will most likely be in a second phase of releases unless this KickStarter continues to roll along at a great pace.

There are also other rewards besides more miniatures that can be gotten including the right to submit your own miniatures which are added to one of the sets.  Have a specific monster you always wanted a mini for but could never find?  Here’s your chance!  FPM seems like one of those ideas that is so obvious that once you first see it it’s impossible to believe it hasn’t been done before.  Cost and storage alone make this a great idea for any tabletop RPG fan.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

That Which Sleeps

It seems like there is an explosion of great projects out on KickStarter these days which makes it hard to pick and choose which ones to spotlight  here on our KickStarting column.  That Which Sleeps however moves beyond ‘great idea’ into the territory of ‘I would personally feel bad if I didn’t mention it and you missed out’.

Anyone who reads many articles here on the Goblin Beat or listens to our podcasts (or watches our YouTube channel) knows I love Lovecraft.  That’s right, love Lovecraft, what?  That Which Sleeps (TWS from here on) is a computer game and by the title you would suppose that it is Lovecraftian, which it is, but not in the typical fear ridden “what am I doing in this strange house and what are those noises and where did all these tentacles come from” sort of way.  TWS is a game where you are an Old One that has been reawakened after millennia of being locked away in a deep sleep, and now you are ready to take your rightful place as ruler of a pitiful world filled with mortals.

From the gameplay shown within the videos this game reminds me a great deal of Civilization in that this is a turn based strategy game about world domination, where most of the action takes place on an overland map showing the entire world.  Instead of building cities, roads, trade agreements and raising armies however you spend your time fostering Agents to do your bidding, corrupting mortals to further your goals and fomenting rebellions with the help of your trusty cults.

Take a look at the KickStarter trailer below and head on over to the KickStarter page to get more information on this game if you are interested.  The campaign has already funded at over 400% of the original goals and has unlocked a number of stretch goals that should add more content and twists to the finished product.

Pirate Loot

Pirate Loot, A Card Game of Treasure and Treachery  is a KickStarter for a card game for the whole family.  The game accommodates 2-4 players with one of the stretch goals being to add support for up to 6 players.

The game is played in rounds where each player builds a pirate crew to help them gather loot.  Many of the crew have special abilities that let you draw more AzureCutlasscards, steal loot or force others to discard.  Each crew member also has a value and once one of the players draws the Set Sail each player gets one last turn and then the round ends and all players count up their points.  Whomever has the most points for that hand gets first pick of the loot and then the other players get to choose in descending order.  Play then continues with a new round until one player has enough loot to win, which is different depending on the number of players.

The designer of this game is Jason Bulmahn who is also the lead designer for Pathfinder, the massively successful offshoot of third edition Dungeons and Dragons.  The great art you’ll see on all of the cards and throughout the game has been created by Scott Kurtz of the PVP online comic and Dylan Meconis.

The KickStarter is already well past the base funding goal with one stretch goal down as well.  The first stretch goal was to add full art to the cards so that each unique card has its own full color art.  The next stretch goal will add unique cards to the deck for KickStarter backers only with further goals including the previously mentioned support for up to six players.

As with any KickStarter there are numerous support levels but the important thing to note is that the support level for a full copy of the game is only $20 US including shipping, with international shipping requiring an additional $10.  Considering the quality of the art, design and the fact that you can download and play the demo version of the game for free now this is a great deal.  Be sure to check it out soon as there are only ten days left in the campaign now!



Stuff and Nonsense

Stuff and Nonsense is a new (to you at least…probably) game coming from Cheapass Games and the latest installment in our never-ending quest to keep our readers up to date on some of our favorite gaming related KickStarters out there.

Stuff and Nonsense is a card game where the players take on the role of members of the Original London Adventurer’s Club as they gather trinkets and evidence of their nonexistent adventures.  That’s right, the game is “an adventure game with no real adventuring.”  Each player sneaks around London gathering evidence of their fake adventures to bring back to the club and use as proof of their adventures.  There’s a catch though as this isn’t even an original idea.  You stole the idea from Professor Elemental (incidentally Professor Elemental is a ‘real’ person and you can learn all about him here at his website) who is on to you and trying to catch you redhanded!  adventurersclub

There is plenty more information on the game on the KickStarter site and you can even download a beta version of the rules for free to get an idea of how gameplay works.  There are also perks for backing the KickStarter now as opposed to simply buying the game when it comes out like a personalized postcard from Professor Elemental and six KickStarter only bonus cards for the game.  On top of that there are some interesting add-ons like a set of Meeple that to be used with the game, sets of Professor Elemental versions of the Cheapass card game Pairs, Unexploded Cow and the possibility of opening up others via Stretch Goals.  In particular the card game Give me the Brain looks like it would be a great game to play.

Let us know what you think about this KickStarter and if you own or have played any of these or other Cheapass games tell us what you think about them.

Ghostbusters Playing Cards

The folks from Albino Dragon are at it again with another great playing card KickStarter.  You might remember them from some of their other KickStarters like the great Cthulhu card set they did last year.  This time around they are doing a 30th anniversary (has it really been that long?) Ghostbusters set replacing face cards with drawings of characters from the movie.  These are high quality Bicycle Playing Cards and in my previous experience all of the images are sharp and well done.

We at the Goblin Beat love the Albino Dragon cards for use in our Savage Worlds games where you use a deck of cards for initiative in combat but these are great for anyone that uses playing cards and the quality is so high that you can use the decks for a long time with no worries about degradation.  Check out the video below and check out the KickStarter to get your own deck for only $15!


Dragon Kings

Fans of Dark Sun rejoice! Timothy Brown, the co-creator of Dark Sun is running a KickStarter that he refers to as “my spiritual successor to Dark Sun.”  Dragon Kings is an ambitious and interesting undertaking that merges music, art, fiction and fantasy role-playing.  For those of you familiar with Dark Sun the world of Dragon Kings, Khitus, will seem very familiar.  Like Athas it is a world in decline, the best and most glorious days of the planet apparently behind it, and only the intervention of whip-smart heroes with nerves of steel can keep it from continuing to fall to waste.

If you go to the KickStarter page and look around you’ll quickly get an idea of how integrated the music and art are into the project.  We RPG lovers are very familiar at this point with the idea of art and fiction


helping to shape the worlds in which we play but the addition of music as a core component of that experience has never been fully realized.  Mr. Brown is actually creating an album which tells the story of a hero within the world of Khitus, complete with gazetteer book that has the lyrics to each song, art depicting that part of the story, and interesting lore that helps flesh out the world around.

The initial ask for this KickStarter is $29,000, which has almost been met as of now, and probably will be within the next day at the current rate.  That leaves well over three weeks of time to meet stretch goals which will add goodies such as more songs, rules supplements for additional game systems, adventures and short stories.

The initial game systems supported are Savage Worlds and Pathfinder which should satisfy most gamers.  13th Age is the first additional system to unlock via Stretch Goals with Fate Core coming along behind.

For myself the combination of a Dark Sun like campaign world, which was the first D&D Box Set I ever bought back in 2nd edition, and the Savage Worlds rules make this an extremely tempting offering.  Check it out and let us know what you think, and if you like what you see go ahead and back it as well!

Weird Wars Rome – Savage Worlds

I have always thought of ancient Rome as one of the most interesting periods of history.  The mythology of the Romans (and the Greeks from whom they inherited the majority) is rich and intriguing and the actual history of their vast empire was little less than miraculous.  It’s little wonder then that many games have been written over the years that use ancient Rome as a background.  I myself have actually been working on a new setting for a fantasy Savage Worlds campaign with a distinctly Roman feel.  Fortunately for myself and any of you out there who would like to play Savage Worlds games in a Roman setting, the latest addition to the Weird Wars line from Pinnacle Entertainment is entitled “Weird Wars Rome”.

The KickStarter is well underway at this point with only six days left before the campaign ends and at over $35,000 it has well exceeded the $6,000 goal.  The book is a campaign setting book with rules for “Spoils of War, Campaign Interludes, and Legacies that allow characters to pass down their deeds and treasures to wwRomeDicefuture generations of their bloodline.”  I was already toying with some type of Legacy rule myself so I’m excited to see what Mr. Hensley has cooked up and the best part is I won’t have to wait for very long.  The book itself is already written and the KickStarter is being ran to help fund production of the physical books along with several extras such as GM screens, custom dice and an adventure.  The dice in particular look quite nice and are enticing to those of us (probably all) that like custom dice.  Plenty of backer levels are included that will let you decide which extras you prefer so look through them carefully to pick the right reward level for you.
Lots of goodies have been unlocked from the stretch goals already and with luck a couple more will be met before the end of the campaign.  You can already look forward to a few extra PDF adventures, some cool backgrounds and bonus information and figure flats for the Hydra!


Island of Ignorance – Cthulhu Companion

The Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game has long been the standard by which all horror RPG games are measured and has been emulated, converted and copied into many other systems and games.  The Golden Goblin Press is now working on a new companion for CoC entitled Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion.  The two previous Companions were released by Chaosium, the company that publishes the CoC game, in 1983 and 1985 so it has been a very long time in coming.

We here at the Goblin Beat are excited about this new Companion and not just because it is being created by another Goblin-Owned company, although our editor did say that is all that really matters.  The Companion is filled with four articles detailing interesting articles to help spice up your games and three scenarios to play within those games as well as pre-made investigators that can be used with any of the scenarios.IoIGirl

As with any good KickStarter there are also plenty of stretch goals to be reached.  The first goal, to increase the interior art, has already been reached and future goals include more filler for your Cthulhu PIE (did you see what I did there?) in the form of yet more articles and scenarios like Dweller in Darkness which will give information about the little known Great Old One Bugg-Shash.

As with any CoC supplement it is possible to bring the information, especially the articles, into any other Cthulhu themed game.  Games such as Realms of Cthulhu for Savage Worlds have rules for doing the conversions and others like Cthulhu Dark are simple enough that you could do the conversions for yourself.IslandOfIgnoranceCover

Check out this KickStarter and see for yourself if the stars are right to get in on what promises to be a very interesting addition to the Cthulhu roleplaying mythos.

Source: KickStarter

Fate Dice KickStarter

After the success of the Fate Core KickStarter it was only a matter of time before the Evil Hat guys came out with their own line of dice to allow the over ten thousand backers to play the upcoming game in style.  Well now we can stop waiting as the Fate Dice KickStarter has arrived and these dice look nice!  The first package of dice starts at $20 for US backers and gets you a pack containing three sets of fudge dice.  After that you can get additional regular centurionFateDicepackages of dice for $15 each for normal sets or $18 each for the yet-to-be-announced special sets.  So far the announced packages include the official Fate Core set using colors from the book, the Centurion set and the Atomic Robo set.  The next set doesn’t get revealed until funding reaches $30,000 which shouldn’t take long since funding reached $26,000 within the first few days.  I absolutely everyone stop reading this article and go pledge to the KickStarter.  Okay now that you did that I have a small confession to make.  The last hidden set would have also been revealed on May 7th if it didn’t reach $30,000, I’m just impatient.  On the bright side you’ll be getting some Fate Dice soon!

What do you think about these dice?  Are you planning to get some?  What other sets would you like to see?