2014 ENnie Awards Nominees

This year’s ENnie Awards Nominees have been announced and boy are there a lot of good RPG products out there!  Many of the nominees have been featured here on the Goblin Beat and some of them even used in podcasts.  Several of them are also sitting on the shelf waiting their turn to be used in a few gaming sessions.

I encourage you to check out all of the nominees and see what is out there that you might have missed but might love.  The one thing I found in the list that I Cover_tremulusreally want to get my hands on is tremulus, a game released this past year by Reality Blurs, the same folks that brought Cthulhu to Savage Worlds with Realms of Cthulhu, the hardcover copy of which is still one of my favorite source books.  tremulus follows in a similar vein being subtitled “a storytelling game of lovecraftian horror” and promising good horror roleplaying within an easy to learn system that requires only two six-sided dice to play.  Like I mentioned above I already have several other games awaiting their turn at the table but this one might end up being shunted to the front of the queue.

Speaking of games awaiting their turn at the gaming table Deadlands Noir from Pinnacle has several nods including Best Art and Best Cartography.  The hardcover of that book is also beautiful and I’m hoping to get to play in a game soon (maybe even talk someone else into running it!).  Pinnacle has other products on the list as well including a Judge’s Spotlight winner for Weird Wars Rome which we have used for a series of podcasts here on the site.

Fate Core and their extras have also been used for our podcasts and got several nods of their own including one for the Fate Dice line, which have been a great hit around our table, so it’s good to see them get recognized as well.

One product getting a lot of nominations which we have talked a lot about but haven’t actually done anything with yet is Numenera, the game system and world from Monte Cook.  Starting with a mega-KickStarter this game has really come on the scene in a big way over the past year and I’m sure it will continue to grow and hopefully we here at the Goblin Beat will get a chance to try it out at some point.

Overall this year’s list of ENnie nominees would be a great shopping list for any RPG lover and I encourage you to go through the list and let us know if there’s anything on there that deserves a shout-out that we failed to mention.

Geek Groceries: Pebble Smart Watch

Now that almost everyone has a smart phone it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and pick up a smart watch to go with it.  One of the latest smart watches is called the Pebble.  It connects to your iPhone or Android device via bluetooth.  Its main function is of course as a time piece so you’ll be spending most of your time changing out the plethora of watch faces.  They also have an SDK that lets you program your own watch faces.  The screen on the watch is actually a backlit e-paper display so you really only get one color.  But the trade off is an insane battery life of 7+ days.  Since e-paper only uses power once to update the display as long as nothing is changing it uses no power.

Other than a completely customizable watch face it also shows the caller ID of whoever is calling you so you can see without fumbling for your phone.  Then you can even dismiss the call to voice mail by pressing a button on the watch.  Handy!  Similarly you can see incoming text messages right on your watch.  It even has a vibrating motor to alert you when you get a notification like that.  It also has a 3 axis accelerometer so you can have apps that react to how its positioned like making the backlight turn on when you just bring your arm up to look at it.

Oh it’s also waterproof so you can swim in your pool or even shower with it.  Imagine being able to change tracks on your phone that’s playing music on the sink while you shower!

As far as RPG games are concerned I can already think of a few custom apps to put on there:  a dice roller that lets you pick how many of how many sided dice you


want then shake to roll.  How about a custom life counter you press the up or down side buttons to increment and decrement as well as shake to reset?  I would also imagine a custom app that lets you pick from various background music or sound effects on your phone like a soundboard a DM could use while their phone was plugged into the stereo for super RPG immersion.

Comment below if you have any ideas for a custom app for this smart watch or if you plan to get one.  I know I plan to get one really soon!

Geek Groceries: Rocket Dice

If you haven’t backed anything on Kickstarter yet you may very well back this project as your first.  Especially if you have any kind of space-related games in need of a few D6.  Introducing ROCKET DICE.  It’s a D6 AND a rocket ship!  How cool is that?  Answer: very cool.  They even made sure to design the tail fins so they both look cool and absolutely do not get in the way while it is rolling.  And by rolling that’s exactly what I mean.  They are designed to roll like a log due to their awesome shape.  This shouldn’t change anything mathematically for its randomness though so you don’t have to worry about those strict DMs so much.  I wouldn’t take these to Vegas or anything but still…

They only asked for $5,000 to get their project funded to pay for printing and manufacturing but with almost a month left they already had a ton of people pledging to back this project and made it up to $23,106!  I already backed it at the $10 level to get a set of six.  Take a look at the different levels you can back it and get your rocket dice today!  They only have 26 days to go before theyRocketDice become available to order separately and normally at a higher price.

Comment below and let us know if you plan to or already backed this great project to get some rocket dice of your own.