Tabletop Forge Kickstarter Review

A new kickstarter project you should be interested in called Tabletop Forge has hit the streets. Their plan is to build this as a plugin for the Apps portion of a Google+ hangout.  It would allow you and your friends to play something like Dungeons and Dragons over a Google+ video hangout.  What is a Google+ hangout?  In case you haven’t joined the plethora of geeks on the new social network from Google, Google+ is their answer to Facebook.  As an aside, my favorite feature of Google+ is being able to edit your posts after you post them to fix spelling and grammar mistakes, etc.  A hangout is something like Skype video calling you can have up to eight people join.  It shows one main video window then the other windows lined up underneath as smaller video thumbnails.  It automatically switches the person talking to the main window on the fly so as the conversation goes around it’s easy for everyone to see who’s talking.  This app will run on the side and will give everyone access to things like maps, dice, character info, character tokens, drawing tools, area of effect templates, and many other tools to make playing a table top RPG over the internet easy and fun.  The idea is to make it all in one place on Google+ without have to break out multiple tools like RP Tools and Skype.  The idea is to make everything very customizable and very easy to use for both the DM as well as the players.  This looks to be a very promising replacement for the people who currently use other means to get your game on with your friends that live too far away to play around the same table.  I would recommend backing this project even though as of right now they have already gotten $12,000 pledged of the $5,000 they wanted.  Keep an eye on this project and give it try once they finish it!  Did I mention their idea is to keep it free?  Here’s a line from the Kickstarter page:  “No matter what, Tabletop Forge itself is going to remain free because this is a product we feel that the community deserves and we want to encourage new gamers in the hobby.”

Youtube show, TableTop, starring Wil Wheaton review



The new Youtube channel, Geek & Sundry sports a show called TableTop.  In this show Wil Wheaton invites friends and celebrities to play board games with him on camera.  Needless to say if you’ve ever played board games you can guess that much hilarity ensues as the games progress.

There are the short interview style clips of each player by themselves chiming in on how they are doing so far and what sorts of strategies they are playing as the camera changes between overhead and side angles of the entire table.  It will even skip ahead in a fast forward style with the words “In the interest of time” if there’s ever a dull period in the game (which is rare).

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D&D Essentials – Rules Compendium

DnD Rules Compendium
A Game Reference For All Players


Not all of us D&D players feel like carrying around our entire library of players guide books (aren’t there three of them now?) along with all the other base, core rule books.  This can get heavy and cumbersome and some of us just want things simple.  Enter this book.  The only real book you need as a beginner or even seasoned D&D player.  Let’s see what all this $20 book covers shall we?

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“Retro” Game Review: Wyvern

While visiting my dad a few weeks ago he gave me this starter deck I had there and forgot all about.  It is a collectible card game fairly similar to all the other ones.  The dragons all have a strength and a power number.  Instead of tapping land for mana to use to pay for creatures and items to take away your opponents life points, you start with 25 gold pieces you use to pay for everything.  You use your dragons to attack the other player’s lands.  The first person to lose all of their land and dragons is the loser.  However, matches are usually decided by several games with scoring in between.   Continue reading ““Retro” Game Review: Wyvern”

Review: Merlin on SyFy


A friend invited me over last Friday to watch a TV show called “Merlin”. She led me to believe the show – full of magic, sword fighting, and other adventures in Camelot – was very much worth my while to see.  So she queued up the latest episode from her DVR and we watched it.  Needless to say I was, pardon the pun, spellbound by the action and witty banter between the young king Arthur and young Merlin. The next day I couldn’t help but check if I could watch all the previous episodes somehow online.  It turns out Hulu has all the episodes available through the free, non Hulu plus means. Continue reading “Review: Merlin on SyFy”

Game Review: Munchkin Zombies


Have you ever played the hilarious card game, Munchkin, by Steve Jackson Games?  This review is all about the latest expansion and stand alone card game, Munchkin Zombies.  Most of you reading this blog may have already played it a million times but for those who haven’t I’ll give a little history.  In the regular Munchkin card game all the players are heroes that take turns kicking open doors (by drawing a card from the “doors” pile) in hopes of revealing a simple monster to defeat such as the Level 1 Potted Plant.  You defeat a monster by having a higher level plus all your spiffy items and weapons you pick up from the treasures deck such as the Broad Sword (usable by females only).  You gain a level for every monster you defeat plus some treasure.  The first to level 10 wins the game.  So it behooves the other players to add monster enhancing cards such as “angry” or “undead” that adds +5 or sometimes +10 to the monster making it an “Angry, Undead, Potted Plant” of level 11.  If your numbers are smaller than the monsters then you have to run away by rolling a 5 or 6 on a D6.  If you fail to run away then you get the bad stuff listed on the monster card which usually makes you lose some items or die, causing you to lose all your items and armor and weapons, etc.  You get to come back on your next turn you’ll just be a little bit nekkid. Continue reading “Game Review: Munchkin Zombies”

Xenoblade Chronicles will be a change of pace for most

Anyone who’s an RPG gamer with years of experience with the new age Final Fantasy series and the like will certainly love this new RPG for the Nintendo Wii called Xenoblade Chronicles. This is a preview of what to expect when the game is released (hopefully) in April.

The box art seems familiar...

The story is a fairly standard man vs. machine where man (or Bionis it’s called including animals and plants it would seem) is living peacefully until they are suddenly attacked for no apparent reason by the machines (or Mechonis they are called) one beautiful Tuesday afternoon. So then of course it is up to you, the hero named Shulk, to bring the Monado blade (the red one in the picture) back to life in such as way as to not get hurt by it so you can use it to defeat the machines. The other character, Dunban, used the Monado before to defeat a bunch of Mechonis but it left him pretty badly hurt. The female lead, Fiora, had to nurse him back to health so there should be plenty of jokes in the story line about that.

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DnD Player’s Strategy Guide Review

I picked up this 4th edition guide just the other day to see if it could help my game sessions in any way possible.  I haven’t had a chance to use it in a game yet.  It’s not like the strategy guides you normally buy for video games that gives you walkthroughs and holds your hand the whole game giving you spoilers and pointers on where to find all the hidden items.  This guide tells you how to make your D&D sessions more enjoyable by giving you helpful tips on character creation, how to work effectively with your party, how to spot a bad DM, combat tips, and other general information on playing the game better overall.   Read below for more in depth review-y goodness!

DnD Players Strategy Guide
Players Strategy Guide Cover Art by Penny-Arcade's Mike Krahulik

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Felicia Day in Dragon Age: Redemption

Felicia Day Dragon Age Redemption

In case you haven’t heard of Felicia Day, you should take a look at several of the things she’s been in.  You might remember her from Buffy as Vi if you were a fan of that show.  Otherwise you might know her from the hit web series created by Joss Whedon, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog as Penny.  If you call yourself any flavor of  geek you have to watch this at least once.  Another very popular web series written by and starring Day is The Guild.  It follows the hilarious pursuits of a fictional MMORPG guild whose members all live close to each other (a “local” guild).  Again, if you are any species of geek you have to watch The Guild.  Especially if you play any sort of MMORPG you’ll be able to relate to the comedy immediately. I’ve caught myself cackling from time to time when watching the later episodes with tons of cameos from big names like Stan Lee, Nathan Fillian, and Kevin Sorbo of the 90’s Hercules TV show fame.

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