Locke & Key Volume 1

I’ve been eyeing Locke & Key for months now on the IDW app on my iPad.  The cover art looks interesting and the blurbs sound like something I would like but I’ve mostly just stuck to reading the new Dungeons & Dragons comic available every month.  The town where the main characters of the comic lived is named Lovecraft though and I could only stand not reading this comic for so long.  Over the weekend I found myself buying Volume 1, which contains the first six issues of this comic and was originally released in paper form back in 2008.

I went into the reading with zero preconceptions about what kind of book I was reading.  All I really knew was that there was a tenuous Lovecraft connection and that’s basically what pulled me in.  All six issues are well put together, the characters are three dimensional and the story draws you in from the first page.  The art in these books is amazing, if a bit more gory than I had expected and compliments the writing superbly.  Speaking of the writing, this is where this volume really shines.  The story of the Locke family is interesting and believable even while completely unbelievable things are happening all around them.  I keep wanting to call each issue an episode because it feels more like watching a television show or a movie than reading a comic book.  I was so entranced that I read the entire volume in one setting and overall I was very pleased with the experience and the ending of the arc in the sixth issue. Continue reading “Locke & Key Volume 1”

#003 Revenge of Cat-Crab

In this episode the adventurers continue their fight against the mutated crab animals.


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Cthulhu Dice

It was only a matter of time before I bought this game, and looking back on it now I can see that as clearly as any doomed man looking back at the choices that led him into the clutches of the dead Cthulhu after stumbling upon R’lyeh. For me the path is as simple as it is convoluted: I am a big fan of Lovecraft and all things Lovecraftian, and I love to play Munchkin. Combined, those two components make buying Cthulhu Dice from SJ Games pretty much a given.

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#002 Under Raython Tower

The first actual play episode of our new podcast!  In this episode we meet the players and their characters.  We then go over the adventure thus far and start our first combat!


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#001 Character Creation

In this episode Matt and Jesse go over character creation using the online character builder from Wizards to get their characters ready for the upcoming campaign.  Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes.

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Depths of Insanity is a D&D 4e actual play podcast.


Journey Quest

I have a fairly long commute (just over an hour) so I end up listening to a good number of podcasts in order to help pass the time.  Earlier this week I was listening to the Haste, the Obsidian Portal podcast where they mentioned a couple of web series, one of which was Journey Quest.  I hadn’t heard of Journey Quest before but I had heard of the group that created it, Dead Gentlemen Productions, because of The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.  I enjoyed both of the movies, even buying the DVD of The Gamers so that I could show it to all of my gaming friends.  The podcast I was listening to described Journey Quest as being fairly similar to the movies and as soon as I got a chance I went ahead and watched the first season of the show. Continue reading “Journey Quest”

Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium

Mordenkainen's Magnificent EmporiumThis new D&D 4e supplement is chock full of magical items both new and old, as well as some interesting quotes from Mordenkainen himself.  It turns out that the old mage has been hording knowledge about magical items over the decades and at one point created a magical set of books to allow him to share the information with the other members of the Circle of Eight.  He created a master copy for himself and slave copies for his friends.  Whenever he made an update to the master, all of the slaves would magically gain the same entries themselves.  This is a very interesting idea and doubtless would have been beneficial to the other members of the circle if not for the fact that Mordenkainen apparently retrieved the slave copies of the book almost immediately after handing them out. Continue reading “Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium”

Deadly Storm

I will readily admit to being a huge fan of ABC’s show Castle. I really enjoyed the show FireFly back in the day and so when I saw Nathan Fillion was going to be on a new show I gave it a shot and have never looked back. The main character of the show, Richard Castle (Fillion), is an author that works with the NYPD to get an idea of how real homicide detectives work for his books, of which he writes about one per season of the show. What ABC did, which was very smart in my opinion, is actually release the books mentioned in the show as real books. Fans can even go to Richard Castle’s website and see his progress on books and the “cases” (episodes) he is helping to work on. Continue reading “Deadly Storm”

Neverwinter By R.A. Salvatore


Neverwinter is the second book in the Neverwinter Saga by R.A. Salvatore.  All of the characters from the first book are back and at the center again is Drizzt Do’Urden and his spinning scimitars.  In this book Drizzt and his new traveling companion Dahlia travel around the Neverwinter area ostensibly to track down and remove Sylora Salm from the area.  Before that however they travel around the country side to visit Luskan and stir up trouble there before heading back down towards Neverwinter to have it out with Sylora.  Of course the delay gives their enemies time to work all kinds of mischief and place more obstacles in the way which causes Drizzt and Dahlia to have to fight their way down and makes for a couple of surprising and interesting twists along the way. Continue reading “Neverwinter By R.A. Salvatore”