The God of Light

It is the 1990s and the world is ruled by Supervillains. Starting in the 1960s, the Supervillains of the world stopped working at cross purposes and started working together to take down the Superheroes of the world one at a time. Thirty years later and the Supervillians have ruled the world unchallenged for almost fifteen years. The war that raged between super-beings left a large part of the earth severely damaged and some places uninhabitable. Major sections of the globe have been carved up by the most powerful beings, while the less powerful and the henchmen have been installed at the regional and local levels. Life goes on much as it did before the war, except now there are no fundamental rights and the world is a patchwork of police states that are constantly either at war or teetering on the brink. It turns out, after all of the heroes were dead, the villains were quick to turn on one another.

You and your friends live in a small city in what use to be Ohio. North America has been divided into four major countries: The east coast running from Newfoundland down to what is left of Florida; the west coast, running from Alaska down to Cabo san Lucas, Middle Canada and Middle America. You live in Middle America, now known as The Kingdom of Metal. The ruler of the Kingdom of Metal is Vicious Vinny, a death metal themed villain with sonic-based abilities that can strip the skin off of a grape or level an entire city.

The Hook

Just across the border to the east is the Eastcoast, now simply known as The State of Misery. In what used to be Pennsylvania, there is an irradiated and unlivable wasteland where a nuclear based superhero was finally put to heel; however, the ensuing explosion ensured that the surrounding 50 square miles would be a wasteland for generations to come. It is into this wasteland that you and your friends must venture. You see, you and your friends are the grandchildren of several of the superheroes that were murdered in the war. A secret society has established many cells like yours across the world and has been waiting on an opportunity to strike back; that opportunity has finally arrived.

God of Light was the name of the hero who was killed leading to the irradiation of Pittsburgh and much of the surrounding area. However, the Society has intelligence that indicates that God of Light’s nuclear power core was left behind and still sits in the ruins of Pittsburgh. The Society has tasked you and your friends with recovering the power core which the Society plans to use as part of a weapon to start the war with the Supervillains of North America. The society has supplied you with radiation suits and supplies that will last approximately two weeks. You and your friends can select whatever powers you would like to have. I would suggest the Super Powers Companion from Pinnacle that works with the Savage Worlds rule set.

The Truth

God of Light never died. The Society is a lie. It turns out that God of Light was actually a mole: a secret Supervillain who infiltrated the ranks of the superheroes early in the war campaign. When the war was coming to a close, the other Supervillains came to realize that turning on each other was inevitable and that God of Light was powerful enough that he could potentially take out all of the other Supervillains and rule the entire world. Seeking to strike first, the Supervillains conducted a surprise attack. Dozens of villains died in the ensuing carnage. Those that remained realized that they would never be able to kill God of Light; instead, they settled for imprisoning God of Light in a large box made of a mixture of lead and an extraterrestrial metal. Although the box contained God of Light, it did not stop the radiation pouring from his wounds from contaminating the surrounding area. The box also did not stop God of Light from reaching out with his empathic abilities and influencing the formation of the Society. You and your friend fight your way through mutated monstrosities and low level meta villains to arrive at the box that you believe contains God of Light’s power core. Once you succeed in opening the box, you have two choices: join God of Light in his campaign to overthrow the other villains of the world or fight him in his weakened state and hope to survive in order to decide how to move forward with your shattered lives.

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