Inaugural Goblin Beat Blood Bowl League

Well the inevitable has happened. We at the Goblin Beat have decided to start our own Blood Bowl league. It will be fairly small with only six teams in the first season but hopefully that gives us all a chance to get some good games under our belts and start to learn this wacky game.

The tentative six teams are: wood elves, undead, necromantics, halflings, norse and orcs. We will all be building and painting teams over the next few weeks as we prepare to start the season either at the end of May or beginning of June. Look for update pictures of the teams here and on Instagram/Facebook and Twitter. We will also be looking for a way to post team rosters and standings as well as some possible post-game reports from Goblin Beat reporters assigned to the league.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the league and our teams as things firm up. We also are willing to take suggestions on names for the league (maybe GB3L for Goblin Beat Blood Bowl League?) so if you have any please let us know either in the comments here or on social media. May Nuffle have mercy on us!

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