Missing! at the Krog Street Tunnel

The city of Atlanta is known for its thriving music scene, down-home restaurants, southern hospitality and now a budding art scene. The classic art scene has given rise to a growing street art scene. Street artists from around the country have started to flock to Atlanta to be part of the this new cultural touchstone.

The Krog Street Tunnel is known throughout Atlanta for its ever changing array of graffiti. Normally it is crowded with locals contributing their art and by tourists looking to take in the urban and eclectic atmosphere, but for the last few weeks, it has been all but abandoned.

This hook is best suited for modern settings with either a horror or fantasy element. It can be adapted to just about any gaming system.

The Hook

In the last two to three weeks, several people have been reported missing soon after visiting the Krog Street Tunnel. There seems to be no consistency in the type of people disappearing: they are young and old, male and female, local and tourists. There also seems to be no rhyme or reason in when the disappearances occur. Some people seem to go missing while visiting the tunnel itself, while others have disappeared weeks later and hundreds of miles away. Thus far, no bodies have been recovered. The most evidence that has been recovered is a smattering of blood drops in the tunnel.

The Truth

There is a Warlock / Witch who has taken up residence in the city of Atlanta. He uses material representations as his magical focus. Over the years this individual has increasingly focussed and harnessed his abilities to the point that he can bring two dimensional representations to life. Using this ability, he can bring to life everything from stick figures to intricately painted representations of people and animals. The drawback is the more complicated the representation, the less amount of time that he can keep it going. Additionally, if the representations are simple, then he can bring more than one of them to life, but the same drawback applies – the more living representations he creates, the less time he can keep them going. The Warlock / Witch has used this ability for petty theft and other small time crimes for most of his life . . until now.

A month ago, the Warlock found a Grimoire left in his apartment with a note encouraging him to expand his horizons. In it, he found spells that allowed him to summon beings from other planes of existence to inhabit his art and bring it to life; however, the spells come with a price that must be paid in blood. Not interested in sacrificing himself, the warlock began to graffiti his representations on the Krog Street Tunnel and bringing them to life to do his bidding and then take the lives of unsuspecting victims.

The game runner could use various explanations as to why there is no consistency as to the victims. One explanation could be that some of the victims were just randomly selected to satisfy the needs of the summoned beings whereas some of the victims were the results of personal scores being settled by the Warlock. Another explanation could be that the Warlock’s control and mastery of the new spells being limited, he summons beings from different planes at random and each creature has specific prey that they use to meet their price.

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