Kill Team: Drukhari Part 2

Well it took longer than I expected and included a couple of missteps but my Drukhari Kill team is finally finished. I should note that I haven’t finished painting the Terrain yet but when that is done I’ll update the article with those pictures as well.

Since this was the first unit of models I had ever painted that weren’t Space Marine related I had to take a bit more time and started with a test model to check how the color scheme I had chosen for my Wych Cult would turn out.

In the photos above I was still using just an airbrush. I started with a Deep Blue from Scale 75, added a white highlight, hit the high spots with Caribbean Blue from Scale 75 and then did a watered down wash of Deep Blue again to bring everything together. The final result of that can be seen in the fourth and fifth photos. After that I sprayed some Psychotic Illusions (a color-shift metallic paint) on the weapons. I quite liked the effect on the blade and ended up keeping it but the pistol just didn’t loo right to me so that ended up changing later. I then took out my brushes and tested a few other colors on the model for flesh tones and the armor. In the last picture you can definitely see the “ugly phase” as I tested these.

I eventually decided I wanted the base color of the body suits to be darker so I ended up going back with a 20% black ink, 80% Deep Blue with minimal highlights for all of the Wyches. I still used Psychotic Illusions on all of the blades which I ended up going over again later with the brush to increase the effect. I then switched to the brush and painted all of the armored portions of the models with the Deep Blue and ended up with what you see below.

Next I highlighted the Deep Blue armor with Caribbean Blue and the large armor pieces (mostly the ones with pointy bits sticking out) with a mixture of red and silver because I didn’t like the way the ruby color in my test mini looked. It came out way too pink for what I wanted for these Drukhari. I painted the rest of the metal on the pistols and swords with Copper from Scale 75.

Next on the list was hair and skin. The skin took a couple of tries to get where I wanted. I ended up doing a two layers of Rakarth Flesh followed by Drakenfhof Nightshade. I then did a layer of 50/50 Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh (naturally). That was followed with highlights of just Pallid Wych Flesh and then covered with Purple Tone from Army painter. I knew I wanted a blue for the hair and ended up using a graduated color scheme tha was a mixture of Army Painter and GW paints that ame out pretty well.

After that I painted the tubes on the armor a green to yellow doing a tiny amount of wet blending, picked out all of the details and painted the bases and that was it! Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions as I have at least five more of these to paint for the Drukhari army I’m trying to build.

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