Delta Green: Puppet Shows & Shadow Plays (video)

I’ve mentioned on here once or twice that we have begun recording most of our podcasts as Google Hangouts.  This gives us the ability to get video of the recordings as well as broadcast live as we play and lets anyone able to jump in and watch the Hangout interact with us as well.  We still pull the audio from these sessions as well for our podcast but for those of you so inclined you can now watch the video of us playing as well.  Check it out and let us know what you think. Below is the playlist for our latest Call of Cthulhu adventure, Puppet Shows & Shadow Plays. This adventure is in the original Delta Green sourcebook and we are using it as an introductory adventure into Delta Green proper.

It’s the summer of 1996 and a series of strange disappearances in Arizona have caught the attention of the FBI.  Listen (and watch) as the mystery unfolds.

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    1. Hey Tommy. We’ve finally got around to starting to release podcasts again. You can also check us out on YouTube…of course you’d have to see our faces that way so it’s up to you.

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