#104 Fiasco: Camp Death

Listen in as we play our first game of Fiasco! using the Camp Death play set written by James Gabrielsen where we take on the roles of people involved in the reopening of a summer camp that has been defunct for the last twenty or so years because of some supposed murders that happened way back then.  Let us know what you think.  We had a great time playing so if you are interested in hearing some more we would be more than happy to do so at some point.

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2 Replies to “#104 Fiasco: Camp Death”

  1. Hey, sounds like you guys enjoyed it! Still kinda blows my mind whenever I hear that someone played something I created.

    You might considered checking out Return to Camp Death; I was never 100% happy with the final version of Camp Death (it just feels a little sloppy to me), so RtCD was my attempt to tighten up the playset. Camp Death will always be my baby, but RtCD is definitely better, and it provides an opportunity to keep the story going.

    Whatever the case, thanks for making my day. 🙂

  2. Hey James, we have RtCD on our list so I’m sure we’ll play it sometime soon and post it up as well. Thanks for making the play sets, we’re having a blast with them!

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