Shadow Island Released!

Big news on the Goblin Beat this week is that our first Savage Worlds adventure, Shadow Island, released today.  This adventure was written for Dragon Con last year and where several tables full of wonderful players went through the adventure and helped us to tweak and finalize the adventure.  You can also listen to our last play test as a podcast as well if you are interested but want to get a taste of the adventure before buying it.  We had a great time creating and playing through this adventure and our hope is that you have just as much fun playing it yourselves.  We welcome any feedback and if things go well we will certainly look into creating more adventures in the future.

From the Back Cover:


For over thirty years, the coastal village of Glencrest has harbored a dark secret: it’s an island of darkness and shadow inhabited by the undead and ruled by a pair of dark wizards. Brothers, these two wizards built an estate upon the island in which to work their foul magics of necromancy and shadow. Now, fate brings a small band of brave adventurers to Glencrest and raises hope in some of the townsfolk that things may finally change. The fate of Glencrest is up to the heroes as they explore Shadow Island.

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