Command and Conquer – Playable in Your Browser!

I’ve recently stumbled upon a game in the Chrome Web Store that caught my eye.  I first saw it had Command and Conquer in the name.  That immediately reminded me of the late night LAN parties and early internet dial-up battles of the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of NOD (NOD) I had years ago.  So I figured it would be pretty neat to say the least if someone had figured out how to leverage the graphics power of the modern web browser to replicate the game without the need to download and install anything.  So I went and added Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliance to my Chrome web browser’s list of “apps”.  I was very surprised to find out how this game was different yet similar in many ways to the original series.

Chrome web apps aren’t really applications as most of us know them.  For the most part it’s really just a hyperlink to the web site where the web application is actually hosted.  So when you click on the icon in your “apps” page in Chrome it takes you to the site.  It turns out this game is one of those free to play games.  And by free to play they mean it costs nothing to play but if you want to slip them a few bucks you can quickly gain an advantage over your rivals with an easy, direct relationship to the amount of bucks you throw their way.  The game can quickly be summed up as Farmville but with infantry, tanks, and air support – a Warville if you will.  Similar to most MMORPG you get to choose a world which is to say a server then your base gets randomly placed along the outside edge of the giant circle that represents all of the usable land in that world.  The goal is to get to the center of the world where the hardest and highest level bad guy bases are.  As you take over POI they are called you can earn bonuses for all of the other players in your alliance.  You’ll get bonuses to infantry attack strength, higher defense for your home base defense units, and extra resources gained per hour to name a few.  You’ll set up harvesters to gather resources like Tiberium and Crystals that you’ll use to build the other buildings, like a barracks to train infantry and a factory to build tanks.  These resources will build even if you have your browser closed and your computer off.  So another great feature is you can log on and play this game for almost any computer!  Over a friend’s house and need to check if you have enough resources to finally build that mega killer tank?  Just log on and check!  Need to upgrade your defense HQ and resource silos while waiting for your code to compile?  Just sign on real quick and get it done in only a few seconds!

CnCTA_BaseViewThe big twist in this game is that instead of GDI vs. NOD it is GDI + NOD vs “The Forgotten”.  So you can have players in your alliance that chose to play as NOD and some that chose GDI on the same team both fighting to drive out the Forgotten.  So if you like a game where you play for a few minutes upgrading your buildings, adding troops and tanks to your forces, and researching better technology like laser guided missle tanks then log off and check back in hours or days later, then this game is for you.  In fact, I wrote this review while waiting for some resources to build up that I need in order to repair all the damage my attacking forces sustained on my last attack on a Forgotten camp.  Let me know if you play this game in the comments and join my alliance, Red_Tide!  You can search for Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance in the Chrome App Store or just go here to get started:

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