Weird Wars Rome – Savage Worlds

I have always thought of ancient Rome as one of the most interesting periods of history.  The mythology of the Romans (and the Greeks from whom they inherited the majority) is rich and intriguing and the actual history of their vast empire was little less than miraculous.  It’s little wonder then that many games have been written over the years that use ancient Rome as a background.  I myself have actually been working on a new setting for a fantasy Savage Worlds campaign with a distinctly Roman feel.  Fortunately for myself and any of you out there who would like to play Savage Worlds games in a Roman setting, the latest addition to the Weird Wars line from Pinnacle Entertainment is entitled “Weird Wars Rome”.

The KickStarter is well underway at this point with only six days left before the campaign ends and at over $35,000 it has well exceeded the $6,000 goal.  The book is a campaign setting book with rules for “Spoils of War, Campaign Interludes, and Legacies that allow characters to pass down their deeds and treasures to wwRomeDicefuture generations of their bloodline.”  I was already toying with some type of Legacy rule myself so I’m excited to see what Mr. Hensley has cooked up and the best part is I won’t have to wait for very long.  The book itself is already written and the KickStarter is being ran to help fund production of the physical books along with several extras such as GM screens, custom dice and an adventure.  The dice in particular look quite nice and are enticing to those of us (probably all) that like custom dice.  Plenty of backer levels are included that will let you decide which extras you prefer so look through them carefully to pick the right reward level for you.
Lots of goodies have been unlocked from the stretch goals already and with luck a couple more will be met before the end of the campaign.  You can already look forward to a few extra PDF adventures, some cool backgrounds and bonus information and figure flats for the Hydra!


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