A new Standard in Web Comics

Remember the Standard Action KickStarter we told you about not too long ago?  Or perhaps you remember Matt and Danny speaking with Joanna and Rob about it during a podcast episode?  One of the many great things coming from the Standard Action folks is a new web comic in which some of the backers from the KickStarter will actually be featured!  The comic will become a reality this Friday July   5th when the first three pages are released to the public.  After that the plan is to release a new comic on a Monday/Thursday schedule.  The comic promises to expand on characters that show up briefly within the show and to explain how they “­fit into the greater world that is the Standard Action land of Redstork”.  We can also look forward to finding out how those cannibal halflings managed to put a severe beat-down on the PCs as well many other stories.

The comic is produced by Thunder Frog Studios and will be viewable on the Standard Action website.

What do you think about the Standard Action Webcomic?  Let us know in the comments below.


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