Terror in Thibodaux

Some weeks when I sit down to write out the new Adventure Hook I wrack my brain forever trying to come up with a good idea (which is the exact problem these articles are designed to help solve for you readers) and end up going part-way through two or three ideas before I find one I really like enough to publish.  This week however the idea seemed to just smack me in the face like the tentacle of a being of eldritch horror as it attempts to consume my thoughts and destroy my dreams.  I was flipping through the Savage Worlds rule book and came upon rules for radiation poisoning and how it causes fatigue and suddenly this idea burst forth.  Read on and enjoy Terror in Thibodaux.

Awakening in an office building the investigators have no short-term memory.  Sirens blare in the distance and all of the PCs are suffering from fatigue and a general malaise.  Getting their bearings by looking out windows and reading papers on desks allows the investigators to realize they are on the fifth floor of a building at the site of a Nuclear Power Plant in Thibodaux, LA.

Entering the lobby and/or the largest office on the floor they find a man in a suit sitting with his head in his hands.  He is unresponsive until touched, and then he attacks whomever touched him.  Almost all of the workers at the plant have turned into zombie servants of Glaaki.  A cult of Glaaki have helped their master take over the compound.  They plan to overheat the plant and cause an explosion which they hope will sink all of southern Louisiana under the Gulf, thereby giving their master a new domain to rule over.

At certain points in the adventure when the investigators need prior knowledge or equipment they go into a flashback.  During the short flashback they have a decision to make and based on the decision they may either remember something important for their survival or have a piece of equipment necessary for stopping the cult.

The investigators must now decide how to stop the cult, a task that could be further complicated by the fact that someone in their group could actually be a member of the cult of Glaaki!

As always please let me know what you think about this hook and how it works out if you use it.  I’m planning to use this one myself the next time we play Cthulhu PIE so I’ll be sure to link to that podcast when it comes out.

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