Island of Ignorance – Cthulhu Companion

The Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game has long been the standard by which all horror RPG games are measured and has been emulated, converted and copied into many other systems and games.  The Golden Goblin Press is now working on a new companion for CoC entitled Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion.  The two previous Companions were released by Chaosium, the company that publishes the CoC game, in 1983 and 1985 so it has been a very long time in coming.

We here at the Goblin Beat are excited about this new Companion and not just because it is being created by another Goblin-Owned company, although our editor did say that is all that really matters.  The Companion is filled with four articles detailing interesting articles to help spice up your games and three scenarios to play within those games as well as pre-made investigators that can be used with any of the scenarios.IoIGirl

As with any good KickStarter there are also plenty of stretch goals to be reached.  The first goal, to increase the interior art, has already been reached and future goals include more filler for your Cthulhu PIE (did you see what I did there?) in the form of yet more articles and scenarios like Dweller in Darkness which will give information about the little known Great Old One Bugg-Shash.

As with any CoC supplement it is possible to bring the information, especially the articles, into any other Cthulhu themed game.  Games such as Realms of Cthulhu for Savage Worlds have rules for doing the conversions and others like Cthulhu Dark are simple enough that you could do the conversions for yourself.IslandOfIgnoranceCover

Check out this KickStarter and see for yourself if the stars are right to get in on what promises to be a very interesting addition to the Cthulhu roleplaying mythos.

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