#078 DA,SW 03: The Kain

Arriving in the Purgatory system the scouts come upon a derelict Imperial vessel, The Kain and go onboard to investigate.  What will they find?  Listen in and find out.

We apologize for some of the sound in these episodes.  We had microphone trouble that wasn’t caught until editing and did the best we could to level out the sound.  If you like our podcasts and would like to help us get improved equipment you can always donate to use using the donate button on our main page or buy a shirt from our shop to help fund further podcasts.  If you donate $10 or more make sure to include your address and we’ll send you an official Goblin Beat Wild Die!

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2 Replies to “#078 DA,SW 03: The Kain”

  1. I’m enjoying it. I’m not sure you guys are using all the RAW, but then again I’m not a rules lawyer 🙂 The only thing is still some voices are too quiet for me.
    Can’t wait for the next installment!

    1. This was our very first time playing Savage Worlds so we definitely got a few rules wrong. There were a few places I cringed hearing myself try to remember rules, but we still had lots of fun!

      Sorry again about the audio, the next episode is the last from that recording session and hopefully no other sessions were as bad.

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