The Ruby of Torm Tura

Torm Tura was perhaps the greatest Warchief the Black Hand Orcs ever had. During his reign dozens of other tribes pledged their banners to the Black Hands. Torm Tura allegedly gained much of his warrior power from a fist sized ruby set into the center of his leather breastplate. The legends of the origin of the Ruby of Torm Tura are as many and varied as its supposed powers. Most of the Black Hands held that the ruby was torn from the eye of a great demon, and that it infused their Warchief with its demonic strength and vigor. Others claimed it was the eye of a great dragon or created by a powerful wizard to turn Torm Tura into his champion.

Whatever the truth, Torm Tura was not only a powerful warrior, he was also smart and conniving. While he ruled the orcs of what are now known as the Tormeric Planes no other race dared step foot in the region, including the gnolls who had long been their hated rivals. Upon Torm Tura’s death, after a reign of more than forty years, a length of time unmatched in orc history, the ruby vanished along with the body of the great ruler.


Now, hundreds of years later, rumors say the tomb of Torm Tura  has been found. Fearing the return of a powerful orc ruler the humans, elves, dwarves and others that live in or near the Tormeric Planes are looking about for a group of heroes to delve into the ancient tomb and secure the ruby before the orcs can do so. The gnolls also fear a return of the days of Torm Tura and are seeking the tomb for themselves, and of course the Black Hand orcs are doing all they can to find their way into the tomb in hopes of bringing back the glory days of their tribe.

If the heroes accept the commision to find the Ruby of Torm Tura they will not only be delving into an ancient and deadly tomb, filled with deterrents and death traps, they will also be racing orcs, gnolls and who knows what else to the resting place of Torm Tura himself. And who’s to say that the ancient orc is truly dead after all?

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