Geek Groceries: Pebble Smart Watch

Now that almost everyone has a smart phone it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and pick up a smart watch to go with it.  One of the latest smart watches is called the Pebble.  It connects to your iPhone or Android device via bluetooth.  Its main function is of course as a time piece so you’ll be spending most of your time changing out the plethora of watch faces.  They also have an SDK that lets you program your own watch faces.  The screen on the watch is actually a backlit e-paper display so you really only get one color.  But the trade off is an insane battery life of 7+ days.  Since e-paper only uses power once to update the display as long as nothing is changing it uses no power.

Other than a completely customizable watch face it also shows the caller ID of whoever is calling you so you can see without fumbling for your phone.  Then you can even dismiss the call to voice mail by pressing a button on the watch.  Handy!  Similarly you can see incoming text messages right on your watch.  It even has a vibrating motor to alert you when you get a notification like that.  It also has a 3 axis accelerometer so you can have apps that react to how its positioned like making the backlight turn on when you just bring your arm up to look at it.

Oh it’s also waterproof so you can swim in your pool or even shower with it.  Imagine being able to change tracks on your phone that’s playing music on the sink while you shower!

As far as RPG games are concerned I can already think of a few custom apps to put on there:  a dice roller that lets you pick how many of how many sided dice you


want then shake to roll.  How about a custom life counter you press the up or down side buttons to increment and decrement as well as shake to reset?  I would also imagine a custom app that lets you pick from various background music or sound effects on your phone like a soundboard a DM could use while their phone was plugged into the stereo for super RPG immersion.

Comment below if you have any ideas for a custom app for this smart watch or if you plan to get one.  I know I plan to get one really soon!

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