Adventure Hooks: Haunted Hollow

This Adventure Hook is for a fantasy setting, be it D&D, Savage Worlds or any other system.  As usual let us know what you think about it, especially if you use it in some way.  Enjoy!

Haunted Hollow is a quaint village where most everyone in town is in some way involved in logging.  Some folks fell the trees, others clear away stumps and yet others plant new seedlings each year so that the whole process can begin anew.  For years the small hamlet has gotten along in this way with little or no trouble but lately kobolds that live in the nearby mountain have begun attacking the townsfolk while they are within the woods.

As a result the town council has put out a call for adventurers to help fend off the kobolds and put a stop to their attacks.  When the player’s characters arrive they are thus greeted warmly by the populace and treated to half price rooms at the only inn in town.

The next morning however the chest containing all of the gold the town had raised to pay whomever freed them from their kobold problem goes missing.  What’s worse, it is found in the room of one of the players!  The townsfolk accuse the characters of being thieves and tricksters and oust them from town.

The whole problem in Haunted Hollow comes down to the haunting.  Throughout the history of the small town there have always been rumors that the town and surrounding forest are haunted.  Strange things will sometimes occur with no other explanation than ghosts or spirits.  Once at the start of the harvesting season all of the horses in town were suddenly gone and so there was no way to pull the carts carrying wood from the forest to the mills.  The horses were eventually found the next morning dispersed throughout the upper floors of every building in town and many days work were lost getting them all back down to ground level.

The simple answer to all of these strange things, and to the gold showing up in the room of one of the players is pixies.  The pixies have lived in the forest since long before the coming of humans and don’t care one bit for the chopping down of trees.  They have mostly left the humans alone though because they haven’t ventured too close to the pixies’ home.  This season though the wood cutters are coming ever closer to the home of the pixies and as a result they have used their tricks to lure kobolds down from the mountain to attack the humans by making the kobolds think the humans are stealing from them and preparing to wipe them out.  As a result the kobolds have decided to act first.

Starting with their entry into town on the first day, have the players notice laughing sounds from time to time coming from nearby.  Once they are tossed out of town they might even manage to spot a pixie rolling about in some flowers laughing at how well he did at getting the adventurers kicked out.  Once the player’s begin to realize what is going on in Haunted Hollow they have many choices to make.  They could decide to go kill the kobolds and salvage their reputations only to find out the kobolds think that they are protecting themselves.  They could try to leave and get caught in the middle of a fight between the woodsmen and the kobolds.  They could even try to track down the pixies and find out the truth of what is happening, at which point they would need to try brokering a peace between the humans and pixies while dealing with the kobolds either by fighting them, bargaining with them, or tricking them into returning to their mountain.


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