The Snark: DST

As I find myself unable to sleep at night or awaken promptly in the morning one full week after the change to daylight savings time, I have to question why we as a people put ourselves through this crap. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to smash your $800 phone because it sounds an alarm in the morning when you and everyone else with a brain in their head knows it is not time to be getting up. In fact the only thing that comes close is lying down and staring at the ceiling at “bedtime” because the only people that went to bed at that hour just a week before were 12 year-olds who have to get up for school the next day. Now I get that in the dark ages before we had artificial light in pretty much every home and place of gainful employment that the rising and setting of the sun is what dictated when humanity got things accomplished. In our modern age however, moving the clocks forward so that the sun can shine in my eyes during my drive to work instead of rising before I leave is just an annoyance.

One of the arguments for daylight savings time is that it’s supposed to help conserve energy, but I have to wonder who uses less energy an hour earlier in the day? In my case, the shower has to run longer while I stand there trying to knock the cobwebs away. That’s extra water lost in addition to the energy burned to heat it and pump it up to the bathroom.  And during this time the artificial lights burn while that precious sunlight we are killing ourselves for is blocked out by closed windows and drawn shades. I would love to hear one good case for how this annoying practice helps even one person anywhere in these United States of America.Angry clock

When I was a child, I used to like the “Fall back” portion of daylight savings time. I felt like I was getting to sleep in every day until my body readjusted and I felt rested because of that extra hour of sleep. As an adult, I look back on this and pity myself for not realizing I was gaining nothing.  Rather, I simply got to set my clock back to the time it was supposed to be if we did not have daylight savings time to start with. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot so you can feel good when you can walk on it again, but all the while you did it to yourself.

There are other countries out there that have implemented daylight savings time and since quit the practice. I think it is high time America took a good look at why it still observes DST. What claims can be made in its favor and are supported by actual data? Why should our regular measurement of time which serves only to mark a full rotation of the earth on its axis along with a full revolution of the earth around the sun ever change? Especially just so we can change how we experience the rising and setting of the sun? Sunrise and sunset change every day any way.  If it mattered that much, we should change our clocks every day too so we can have every precious second of daylight that we pretend we need.

I would say F daylight savings time… but clearly, it has already F’ed me.

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