Meet Moolu Budu: One Bad Goblin Dude

Moolu Budu was left under a Spider Moon which is really just the Goopa Goblin Tribe word for a new moon. According to Goopa tradition, it is on this day of the month that Naydyx, goddess of spiders, and most feared of Goopa dieties, swallows the moon and will only spit it back out if a Goblin child is left as an offering to her in the forest. Even with relatively short goblin gestation periods and their healthy appetite for reproductive practices, this whole ritual would soon result in the extinction of the Goopa if one goblin baby a month was actually lost. Typically the mother comes back within 24 hours, assumes Naydyx wasn’t hungry, gets her baby, and high-tails it out of there. As it turns out, when Moolu Budu’s mother returned to the clearing where they had left him the night before, he wasn’t there. Although not the most empathetic of life forms, goblins are quite emotional. As such, Moolu’s mother nearly slew his father in a tear-filled rage, when he expressed pride that their son had made a fitting meal for Naydyx.

Moolu had actually been discovered by a wizard’s apprentice who was gathering herbs for his master when he nearly stepped on the goblin babe. Being that it was the new moon, the woods were dark and Moolu was swaddled in a hide the goblin’s had stolen from a nearby human village. Naturally, the apprentice mistook the gurgles and coos for those of a human baby, and didn’t discover the truth until he had rushed into his master’s chambers shouting, “I found a baby in the woods!.” The master took one look at Moolu’s disgustingly twisted visage adorable, green face and bade Farlane dispose of the babe at once. Needless to say, Farlane could not bring himself to do it and raised Moolu secretly in the wilderness, with the help of an elderly monk friend who lived alone in the forest. Farlane and the Monk taught Moolu to read and his interests were steered towards survival and wilderness skills. He learned the skills of the ranger and had plenty of practice moving silently as he avoided human and goblin patrols alike. Recently, Moolu was captured by a party of goblins “recruiting” for the war effort against the hordes of Toxisa, a green dragon. Normally very careful in the forest, Moolu’s curiosity about his origins finally got the better of him as he approached the goblin war party in an effort to establish a connection with his own kind.

Moolu’s strengths include stealth and wilderness knowledge. He has a basic understanding of magic as was related by the apprentice who found him, but cannot cast magic himself. He also is extremely adept at dual wielding his trusty rapier and short sword, gifts from his teacher, the mysterious elderly monk who shared his humble home with Moolu for 16 years until the day he was captured.

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