Adventure Hooks: A Wolf in Squire’s Clothing

Welcome to Adventure Hooks, a new series of posts here at the Goblin Beat dedicated to helping GMs come up with fast and fun adventures.  Each Hook will contain a plot device to help create an interesting and exciting adventure.  This first post starts with a quest that appears very straightforward at first glance but ends up with enough twists and turns to cross a hag’s eyes, assuming of course that they weren’t crossed in the first place.


This is ostensibly a fantasy Hook but could easily be tweaked for a modern or even sci-fi setting.


The heroes respond to the call of a Lord whose lands are being terrorized by a werewolf.  After some investigation it turns out that the werewolf is actually the Lord’s young son.  Once the players realize this their heroes have some tough choices to make.  Do they tell the lord about their suspicions?  Will he believe them if they do?  If they kill the werewolf, all that will be left behind is the body of the young squire, so unless there are witnesses the Lord may jump to the conclusion that the adventurers murdered his son.  Even if there are witnesses the Lord isn’t likely to hail them as heroes and pay them handsomely as he had previously promised.  The most they could hope for is to be paid and asked to never return.Werewolf_2_by_el_grimlock

If the Lord can be convinced of the truth perhaps his son can be locked away while he is under the moon’s sway.

Better yet perhaps there is a way to cure the young boy’s affliction.  The adventurers may be able to trace back to the first appearance of the wolf and find out there was a strange group of travelers in the village near that time.  If these travelers can be found, and the original werewolf slain, the boy’s curse may be broken.

Alternatively this could be a family curse which requires the Lord to make some sacrifice or find water from a magical spring to free his son and allow him to return to normal.

That’s it for this week.  Let me know what you think of this Hook, especially if you use it.  If you have ideas for an Adventure Hook you’d like to see on the site or a particular setting you’d like to see a Hook for let me know as well.

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  1. Nice

    Maybe its a family curse. But only each 2. generation is cursed-so not the father, but the old senil grandfather change in a old, toothless werwolf. Could he tell about the concoction that allow him to controll his change.
    And what is the price that the old swamp hag ask for the secret of the concoction?

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