Fate Core System KickStarter

Anyone who loves pen and paper RPGs has at least heard of the Fate rule system by Evil Hat Productions even if you only know that it is the system the Dresden Files RPG is based off like me.  If you are also like me in that you haven’t ever actually played a Fate based game then now is your chance.  With the Fate Core KickStarter everyone has a great chance to get into this exciting system at a ridiculously low cost.  Just $15 gets you a physical copy of the new Accelerated rules book, which has everything you need to learn to play in the system, and you can add extra copies of the book for $5 each which means you could get enough books for a group of five for $35!

No matter what your backer level though you immediately get access to the current pdf version of the new Fate Core book and all backer levels $10 and up also get a PDF version of every expansion funded by the KickStarter!  This KickStarter has already blown the minimum funding level way out of the water.  They currently sit at over $330,000 of the $3,000 the project had set as the minimum goal.  This is beyond great for any RPG fan looking to check out the system because almost all of the stretch goals already met benefits you immediately.

Look for the Goblin Beat to run a couple of 1-shots on our actual play podcast very soon with the new Fate Core System.  We can’t wait to try it out and see what we think.


Oh and I almost forgot, the $400,000 stretch goal?  An all new Dresden Files Accelerated book!  We are all big fans of the Dresden files here (the Goblins make us watch re-runs of the show on a bi-weekly basis) so there is no doubt we’ll be playing that if/when it gets funded.

One last bonus piece of information for all of you Atomic Robo fans out there (Matt!).  Evil Hat is working on an upcoming RPG game based on Atomic Robo as well!


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